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As a follow up to my thoughts about Aerie and their campaign using real women, I was also picked to tell you a little about their fitting guide and how to find the best fitting bra for you.

TMI maybe, but I am a very chesty woman, so there’s nothing that I can do with a bra but my teen daughter Willow was the perfect candidate. Over the summer, she grew boobs (ugh) and the little pre-teen sports bras that they sell in just about every mass merchant retailer were no longer cutting it. So I got with Aerie to pick a bra for Willow and tell you about how they fit.


So the first step was trying to decide what bra she wanted. Aerie has a wide selection of cuts: sports, layering, strapless and multi-way, padded, and lightly lined just to name a few. After intense negotiations, we decided on a layering bralette. I figured she can be very comfortable wearing this bra during the summer when she’s lounging around the house, but stylish enough to wear under a blouse to church. Next was to figure out her size. There’s a bra fitting guide located right on the website that shows you how to use the tape to measure.

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First, you wrap the measuring tape around the smallest part of your ribcage, then enter this number in inches.

Next, you wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust and enter that number in inches.

Willow ended up being a 30A, and the only bras that they carried that size in was lightly lined and push-up (both no). Since she was dead set on the layering bralette, and because they were actually sized XXS, XS, S, M, L, we got the XS and waited for it to arrive in the mail (that didn’t take long).

After receiving the bra and letting her try it on, it was a perfect fit! The straps around the arm were not too loose, the fitting around the back was perfect and the cups fit her perfectly as well!

Overall, using Aerie’s fitting guide was very simple to do and painless to order. Regardless of if the bra fit or not, because Aerie has a very easy return policy (free returns), that makes shopping hassle-free in the event that it did not fit.

Check out Aerie’s full bra selection here and take note of the awesome sale!

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