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Most women love to shop but don’t have the budget to buy designer brands all the time. There are several ways for women to remain trendy on a tight budget. It takes a little bit of creativity. One idea is recycled clothing, embellished to be unique. You can easily attach strings of beads, rhinestones or crystals and patches to clothing items to make them unique.


Vintage clothing has made a resurgence in recent years. There are several ways that women on a budget can achieve this look. Younger women can approach their mothers or grandmothers to see if they stored clothes from their younger days. This includes long dresses, lace adorned shirts, hats and flowing skirts. Many women hang onto these clothes to pass them down later. Other cheap ways to achieve this trend are to look at yard sales that advertise clothing and to visit consignment or thrift stores. Some great treasures can be found by visiting second-hand stores and these items are often sold cheaply.


Retro is considered to be the fashions that were worn in the early 80s and prior. Some call this the disco era. Think bell bottom or flared trousers, flared long-sleeve shirts, sweater vests and bold patterns. Some of these items can be found in specific retro second-hand stores. Other affordable ways to achieve this continuing fashion trend include visiting friends and family from that era and asking about any stored clothes from that period. It is also possible to come across retro clothing items at thrift stores. These items generally sit for a long time so prices are often reduced heavily to move them out of the inventory.


The urban fashion trend is very easy to achieve on a budget. A simple mix of a worn pair of jeans or corduroy pants with a long sleeve shirt and argyle sweater vest does the trick. It is possible to find these items on clearance or in second-hand stores very cheap. Those that stay with modern clothing styles such as designer brands, new designs and hip-hop are likely to pass these items by. You can also take clearance items and cut them to be sewn together to make a unique urban piece. Patches of alternating patterns or colors also helps to achieve this mismatched fashion trend.


Leisure wear includes leggings, sweat pants and loosely fitting shirts or sweatshirts. These items are ideal to find on clearance at the end of a season as retailers make room for new inventory. The end of a season is the best time to shop for clothes when you have a budget to keep in mind. This fashion trend is ideal for wearing onesies for a lazy day at home relaxing. Leisure clothes are also seen at the gym.

Purchasing brand new items to stay in budget for this popular trend is rather simple. Wholesale or big-box retailers often sell these items cheaper than brand name stores to begin with. Waiting for the items to go on sale or clearance makes them even more affordable and gives you the opportunity to purchase more than one item.


Formal wear is known for being expensive. Some women require formal wear for work and other business purposes. The professional female fashion trend has been growing in popularity since women have been gaining more substantial positions in the workplace. Shop stores that carry a variety of brands, they do not have to be designer to look great, in both men’s and women’s styles. It is perfectly acceptable to wear a men’s dress shirt under a women’s suit coat. It is possible to find men’s dress shirts for a lesser price than women’s. Also, consider purchasing a few men’s ties in bright, solid colors. It helps the professional female remain trendy and show a bit of authority in the workplace.

Trendy Shoes and Accessories on a Budget

Staying in with the latest fashion trends when it comes to shoes and accessories is a tough challenge, but it can be met. Look for knock-off designs that are similar to the designer brands. These are often less than half the price of designer brands. This goes for both shoes and accessories. Also, watch for sales, promotions and special savings with your favorite retailers.
Staying up on the latest fashion trends is a tough task sometimes since trends change so often. It can get expensive but there are plenty of options available to stay in your tight budget and still look great. There is nothing wrong with purchasing clearance or second-hand items. In some cases, these fashions look and feel better than brand new items.

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