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Skin care lovers gather round. What I have in my hands may be the must have facial serum of the season. Ahava, an eco-friendly brand that creates skin care products that exclusively contain Dead Sea minerals, released a serum that promises to recharge, rehydrate, and illuminate.

Truth be told, I was not really on the hunt for a serum because I’m on a really huge natural oil kick right now, but I decided to give it a shot. Keep in mind, I have not used this longer than two weeks. So this will really be more about what the brand says about this product than what I have to say.

What the brand says


Powered by a triple concentration of AHAVA’s proprietary Osmoter, this groundbreaking, skin-optimizing serum recharges, rehydrates and illuminates skin for a more youthful complexion. Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate features a new technology with the ability to deliver 3 times the Osmoter to skin cells. The delivery of highly concentrated Dead Sea minerals to the skin results in supercharged benefits.

  • Rehydrate – skin feels intensely moisturized and supple
  • Illuminate – skin appears clearer, more radiant and youthful
  • Recharge – skin is optimized in order to fully absorb nutrients from skincare regimen
  • 91%of users reported a more luminous complexion.* 85% of users saw more youthful skin.*
  • 85% of users saw more youthful skin.*

*Based on user tests performed over 4 weeks by an independent institution. Tested on 55 women.


Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter is packaged in a 0.5 oz glass bottle with a beautiful brown to tan gradient bottle. The glass is very sturdy, but I don’t recommend dropping it. The amount of product in the bottle should last you about 1 month if you use it continually.

Formula and texture

The texture of Osmoter is very much reminiscent of a serum with an off-white color. The texture is not tacky, it’s very smooth and silky.

The smell is very fragrant, but the smell does not linger on the face for very long. The better the texture of your skin, the better is absorbs in the face, but on my skin it takes about 10 minutes to fully soak on. After applying my skin feels hydrated and supple.

Simply apply this product once in the AM and PM for skin your friends will envy!

Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter retails for $60 on Amazon.com. Starting October 15, get 10% off on ALL Ahava product on Amazon.com only.

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