All The Things Plus Size Girls Are Sick Of Hearing When It Comes To Exercise

Contrary to sometimes popular belief, girls and guys of all sizes work out, and have fun while doing it! Sadly, those of us that are plus size and have the sheer audacity to exercise our bodies regularly, can experience some rather rude and ignorant comments like the ones below. Read on to find out how to not let them get to you!

“At least you are trying to lose weight.”

Urgh, this is a comment that a truly hate, because God forbid that I actually work out because I enjoy it and it’s a way to celebrate my body just the way it is now!

Don’t stress though, as such a view is part of the gym bunny mentality that absolutely no one, and especially not a plus sized person could be happy with the way that they are! Just remember here that such a comment says a lot more about them than it does about you.

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In fact, such a perspective often belies the fact that the person saying it has a tough time accepting themselves and uses diet and exercise as a maladaptive way to earn some self-confidence.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with losing weight, or getting fit, if you are choosing to do it for yourself in a positive way, but you don’t have to get sucked into the illusion that it is mandatory or the only real reason to exercise.

“Sorry, those workout clothes don’t come in that size.”

Is there anything more frustrating than when you are looking for some decent gym clothes to wear while you work out, only to find the range you like only goes up to a large size?

It’s like OK guys, that is all very well, but other sized folks want to work out too, and at the moment you are condemning me to wear a baggy t-shirt and non-sports leggings in the gym!

Of course, there is nothing wrong with that if that is what you are choosing to wear and feel most comfortable in, but it would be great to have some other options. Happily, fitness clothing manufacturers are cottoning on this idea and are beginning to produce sports leggings, tops, and even belly vests that go well beyond the traditional small, medium, and large spectrum.

You can even get sports bras that are larger than a D cup now! Can you imagine proper support for women with large breasts when they need it most? What a revolutionary idea!

“Aren’t you embarrassed when you move around like that?”

This comment is a doozy because it basically states that we should be ashamed for moving our bodies, something that everybody does every day! In fact, if someone is directing such a comment at you, it says a lot more about their own state of mind and prejudices that it does you.

Of course, it’s not that some plus size folks don’t get embarrassed when they work out in the beginning, it’s just that it’s not limited to larger people. In fact, anyone can get a little self-conscious when they haven’t done any exercise in a while, and then have to go to a place where everyone else seems like an expert such as a gym.

Happily, there is an easy way around this and its by using things like these Aaptiv fitness apps for flexibility, weight loss and more because they offer programs that you can choose to do anywhere you like. What that means is that anyone, large or small can exercise at home when they first start.

Something that can help them build up their coordination, and confidence and put them in a much better position to ignore the daft comments that some people can’t seem to help but make!

“Don’t your thighs rub together?”

I love this question, it is so innocent, but also so barbed! The thing to remember here is that while your thighs and other parts of your glorious body may well rub together, this isn’t a phenomenon is that is limited to plus size people.

In fact, chaffing is a significant issue for folks that are a size 0, all the way to xxxxl! The reason being that when you move your body, it will rub against other parts, as well as the clothes you are wearing. This may not seem like a problem if you are walking for 10 minutes, but if you are doing a marathon, it can cause some serious pain.

Luckily, there are all sorts tactics you can use to minimize chafing no matter what your size, including applying Vaseline or talcum powder to the areas that tend to rub together.

Additionally, many people cover their nipples with plasters as they work out to prevent them from rubbing on their tops. There are even special creams that are designed precisely to minimize any friction and help you work out in comfort, no matter what your size!

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