Amazing Ideas To Make Your Wedding Guests Feel As Special As You


We all know that weddings are all about the bride and groom. After all, it’s their big day when they can celebrate their love and relationship. But that is no reason for all the guests to feel left out. In fact, these days, lots of couples try to make their guests feel just as special as they do on their wedding day. To help you put some of the spotlight on your guests, here are some great tips to help you make them feel super special!


Keep Them In The Know

You should try and engage your guests before the day has even begun. From the day they receive their invitations, it is important that you keep your guests abreast of the schedule for your wedding. This can help them feel very involved, and it also shows that you are dedicated to ensuring that they enjoy themselves. There are various ways you can do this. For instance, keep your bridesmaids, best man, and anyone else who is helping out informed by starting a newsletter. You should also keep your other guests in the loop by sending out a plan for the day and information about venues as soon as you know everything. Sending some personalized wedding thank you cards is also a good way to make them feel special after the big day. Forgetting a thank you note could make it seem like you have forgotten everyone!



Personalized Table Place Cards

Something else that you might like to personalize is the stationery that you use on your reception tables. Lots of couples place cards at each setting so that each guest knows exactly where they should sit. Rather than just leaving a small card with a name on, why not make sure that there is enough space on these cards so that you can add a personalized message. You could thank the guest for coming to your wedding or mention a cute memory that they two of you share. This is a surefire way to make them smile!


Arrange Transfers Between Airports And Train Stations

If some of your guests are traveling from far and wide, it would be a nice gesture to arrange transfers between the airport or train station and their accommodation. It could be a good idea to hire a minibus or coach if there are a lot of guests coming from either the airport or by train, as this will be cheaper than hiring separate taxis. It can be very stressful trying to sort out transport in a new city, so this will certainly help to take one load off the minds of your guests!




Arrange Games For Kids


Kids are going to be the first group to start feeling bored at your wedding. Make sure this doesn’t happen by arranging some games for them. For instance, you could get a giant Jenga game or chess set for them to play with inside the marquee. If all the kids are happy, you can be sure that their parents will be too!

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