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‘Busy’ doesn’t begin to describe my situation at home. Between blogging, operating a business, being a mom, wife, and caregiver, I don’t have the time or patience to go see a doctor. I thought as time progressed, that in office visits would be more streamlined, but they are the same as 20 years ago. If I have a scheduled appointment at 9 am, and I get there at 8:45, I still will not be seen until well after 9:45. For minor medical issues, I should be in and out of the doctor in an hour, but that’s not the case.

I’ve heard about telehealth but never used it. To be honest, I was quite skeptical. What if I need labs? Or an x-ray? But allergy season is fast approaching, and I see pollen already. I’m in desperate need of allergy meds, but I do not feel like waiting hours in a doctor’s office just for an allergy med prescription. So I got ahead of the curve by scheduling an appointment with Amwell.

Amwell, the nation’s largest telehealth company, connects users with board-certified, licensed doctors for immediate and live online visits, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of your own home. They are able to treat most minor illnesses and injuries as well as general health and wellness concerns, chronic condition management, and prescription refills. They also offer primary care and specialty services as well behavioral therapists, lactation coaches, and registered dieticians.

Start by creating an account. It’s very quick.

Log-on to (via your computer, phone or tablet) and have a visit on demand with the doctor of your choice. Enter the code MOM12 at checkout to save $15.


Next, you answer a series of medical questions, provide them with a pharmacy near you, and provide them with insurance information and voila! I was transferred to a virtual waiting room, to see a doctor licensed to practice telehealth in my state. My wait time was only 10 minutes before I had the opportunity to speak with a doctor about my allergy issues. One of the perks of telehealth- I could continue working right on my laptop while I waited for the doctor to enter the room.

When the doctor enters, a separate video chat box pops up with a live doctor!



We talked in detail about my previous experience with allergies. We discussed how early allergy season begins in Mississippi, and she provided me with some helpful tips to help combat my allergy symptoms and called in a prescription for some allergy meds.  It only took 15 minutes for us to discuss my symptoms and get a prescription. I found the physician very easy to talk to, and she was thorough.

My overall thoughts? This is a great service to use for minor injuries. The process was simple from signing up, to connecting with a physician.

Have you ever used Amwell? Here’s an opportunity to try it for yourself, and save $15. Log-on to (via your computer, phone or tablet) and have a visit on demand with the doctor of your choice. Enter the code MOM12 at checkout.

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