Anastasia Beverly Hills Maya Mia Palette Review + Giveaway

Anastasia Maya Mia

Anastasia Beverly Hills decided to jump on the eyeshadow palette bandwagon and create a line of palettes. One of the many palettes, Maya Mia, was co-created by @maya_mia_y, a popular social media figure. I teamed up with Planet Beauty, California’s best love beauty boutique to review this palette and give one away to one of my loyal readers!

Maya Mia comes complete with 10 shades, a dual ended brush, and 5 tutorial cards to show consumers how to get the look at home.

Anastasia Maya Mia 2

Anastasia maya mia swatches

Colors include:

  1. Nude is a cool toned beige with a matte finish.
  2. Deep Brown is a deepened brown, almost black with a matte finish,
  3. Sienna is a rich red toned brown with a matte finish,
  4. Warm Taupe is a not so warm, It’s a cool toned taupe with a matte finish.
  5. Vanilla is a vanilla toned white with a pearl finish,
  6. Aqua is a green toned blue with a shimmer finish
  7. Fresh Peach is a peach toned orange with a pearl finish.
  8. Glisten is a peach toned gold with a shimmer finish.
  9. Caramel is camel brown with a matte finish.
  10. Gold Bar is a yellow toned gold with a pearl finish.

Anastasia Maya Mia Brush

The brush picks up color very well, but it’s a tad rough and leaves a lot of fallout in the pan, but luckily none on the skin/under the eye. It’s your standard palette dual ended brush. The wider end works well for applying under the brow and on the lid. The smaller end works well for creasing and inner/outer V.

I did my best to recreate one of the looks from the cards included with the palette. Of course I went for the look that included fresh peach and teal.


Shadows used: Warm taupe, caramel, sienna, fresh peach, aqua, glisten

4 1 2


Now you are probably wondering how you can score this palette. Two ways:

1. Purchase from Planet Beauty for $34.90 (currently out of stock but it will be back)


2. Enter using the widget below. Because we (Planet Beauty and Glitter.Gloss.Garbage) love yall and stuff. This giveaway ends October 7, US only, must be 13 years or older to win. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Anastasia Beverly Hills May Mia Palette

Anastasia Maya Mia 1

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27 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills Maya Mia Palette Review + Giveaway

  1. Lisa Brown

    I like Warm Taupe


  2. Heather ツ

    Fresh Peach, it looks nice and lively.


  3. Cara Woo

    My favorite shadow is Glisten!


  4. Just Cedes

    Would love to try this!!


  5. Colleen Boudreau

    I love Glisten!


  6. Ashley Monroe

    Fresh Peach is my fave for sure


  7. michelle

    I’d love glisten and that brush


  8. Christy DuBois

    My favorite colors in this palette are the Warm Taupe and Caramel from looking at the swatches and your eye look which is really pretty.


  9. LifeByZen

    This would be my first Anastasia pallette and would love to try it!


  10. Mary W

    I like the Aqua for a real pop of color.


  11. Brittney Clark



  12. Mariaelena Dominguez

    My fave is glisten!


  13. chattie m hinkle

    caramel brown like it


  14. Ashley Cabell

    Great giveaway! This palette is gorgeous! Thank you and Planet Beauty!!


  15. Lilah Moore

    My favorite color from the palette is Caramel


  16. Sandra Dee Murphy

    #8 Glisten…so pretty


  17. Mollie Mills

    Awesome Giveaway Thank You For The Chance!


  18. Therese Docog

    love the look


  19. alicia williams

    I I am so excited about this giveaway! All of the colors in this palette are gorg!!! I’m excited about all of them!!


  20. JulesStyles

    This palette is so pretty. I like sienna the most.


  21. Courtney Bella

    i think gold bar is super pretty!!!

    thank you!


  22. Sana HS

    Fresh Peach is the most beautiful color <3 <3


  23. Annette

    My favorite shade is #2 – Deep Brown.


  24. windycindy

    I like the Warm Taupe shade!
    Many thanks, Cindi


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