Anti-Aging Is Not Just About The Face

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You see it everywhere. On TV, online adverts, on social media. ‘Anti-Aging routines.’ And generally, they are all the same – focusing on maintaining the face. Cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing. It is as if your face is the only part of your body that ages if not looked after correctly. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are many ways of keeping youthful. They don’t involve using products, and employing them alongside your favorite brands can help give that extra edge over time.

Firstly, it should be said that you should only do these for yourself. The best looking woman is a confident woman. If following a regime to make yourself feel younger and therefore more content, great! However, if your only motivation is societal pressure, it will only lead to more misery in the long run. Live your life for you, no one else.

Following on from that, if working on these areas is something you have thought about for a while – a weird place that shows age early is your elbows. They wrinkle before anywhere else and form the loose skin as you lose elastin. There are a surprising number of exercises to follow to combat this, some involving dumbbells and some which can be done without any equipment. Toning up the skin near your elbows will mean no more avoiding short sleeved dresses, considering those exercises can your whole arm overall, improving how you look (and your health).

The most prominent place that is on show no matter what the weather is the neck. The neck wrinkles quicker than the face, and while during winter you can accessorize with scarves when required, they don’t fit in with a summer look or special occasion. A way to tackle this is a good firming cream. It is not quite like the elbow, where all over arm exercises can help. Very few exercises focus on the neck (and for a good reason, it is easily injured and not meant for carrying force) so keeping hydrated and using creams is your best bet.

Finally, the hands. Again, there are not many exercises that target the hands (apart from maybe an enthusiastic Jazzercise class, but that probably won’t make much of a difference!) so using cream should be in your regime. But, much like the neck – the hands are uncovered a lot. And like previously mentioned you could get away with accessorizing the occasional outfit with a scarf. Wearing gloves at an indoor party is a bit noticeable unless you are partaking in a 1920s murder mystery night. Get a good hand cream, get a manicure, and rock those youthful looking digits!

To sum up, the key to looking young is unarguably starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Doing this will make you feel good on the inside, and improve your emotional state. This all impacts on how you look on the outside.

Using your favorite brands to help you along the way is not cheating, it’s part of the lifestyle itself. Embrace it!


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