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We’ve never had a deep discussion about facial cleansing devices and I’ll be honest, tonight is not the night either. Facial cleansing brushes were born en masse back in 2007. It was Oprah that introduced us to brush during her epic Favorite Things series. I was always jealous of the goodies they got on that show. Anyway.

Since then, brands have been popping up out of everywhere to create an efficient dupe of the cleansing system. There’s Toilet Tree and Vanity Planet, Olay created one and I was a personal fan of SpaSonic’s brush. But no one has come as close as Michael Todd Beauty Soniclear.

This facial cleansing device produces up to 300 sonic movements per second (6x better cleansing than the hands alone), 3 sonic speeds, a cleansing timer, and an antimicrobial brush head. The brush head is safe, effective and the antimicrobial protection is built in the brush head to protect against stain and odor-causing bacteria. The protection won’t wash out or wear off for the life of the brush. So no worries of getting acne from your skin cleansing brush.

I was excited to test this brush, and even more excited to get it in electric blue. I’ve always considered facial cleansing the best way to mechanically exfoliate (even though many will argue and say they do not exfoliate). Everything about this brush is gold. From the timer to the antimicrobial head, to the cordless design and the fact that I can take it in the shower with me. When compared to my fave, this brush has the advantage when it comes to a serious, deep clean. I prefer the Petite over the Elite (yeah, I own that one too) because it is smaller, more compact, and I can fit it in my makeup bag with ease. And the charger is USB powered. You can literally charge this baby anywhere.

Michael Todd Soniclear Petite retails $89.00. Purchase here.

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