How to Apply Glitter Nail Polishes

Glitter nails have become a constant favorite, especially gold and silver glitter nail designs in the winter time around the holidays like Christmas, New Year and so on.

Every girl loves glitter on her nails as we all know that glitter nails go with everything and create elated, festive mood even in dull moments.

So we adore pretty glitter nails look like, but I think everyone agrees with me that we all hate to apply glitter polish on the nails because most of us start applying it like any other color in our collection and that’s wrong!  This is a great mistake when we apply a million coats of glitter hoping to get a cool glitter nail design. Instead, we commonly get streaky and thick nails.

Of course, I also made that mistake unless I watched the video of beauty vlogger Kelli Marissa on how to apply glitter nail polish properly. Actually, it is really easy to do and doesn`t take too much time if you apply it correctly. Click here if you want to see the process in action or continue reading where I’m going to explain it step by step according to Kelli Marissa.


You`ll need:

  • a base coat;
  • Liquid Latex (or it can be also a scotch tape);
  • the glitter nail polish you want to apply;
  • a cosmetic sponge;
  • a top coat.


What you should do:

  1. Apply your base coat as you usually do on your nail.
  2. Use Liquid Latex to paint it around your nail bed to protect the skin around your nail.
  3. Paint the glitter nail polish onto the edge of the cosmetic sponge.
  4. Feel free to pack on plenty of glitter.
  5. Wait a few seconds for the sponge to absorb the clear polish.
  6. Press down the sponge gently on your nail. This is the most important part of the process. When the sponge absorbs most of the actual nail polish, being pressed down, it leaves just glitter on your nail. Repeat selectively this action to cover the empty spots and get a dense and opaque design.
  7. Remove the Liquid Latex.
  8. Apply the top coat generously to fix glitters. Do it twice to fix them well.
  9. Enjoy your perfect glitter mani!

As you see, girls, to get a mega-shining nail design isn`t so difficult if you follow Kelli`s advice. I`ve already tried and I like the result. Now it’s your turn!


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