Are You Making Yourself Ill through Stress? Here’s What you can do About It

If you are under a lot of stress right now, then you could be harming your physical health. If this is prolonged then you may experience more and more symptoms, not to mention that it could also give you long-lasting effects.

Central Nervous System

Your central nervous system is responsible for your “fight or flight” response. In your brain, the hypothalamus initiates the process. This tells your adrenal glands to release hormones, known as adrenaline and cortisol. This increases the heart rate, which then sends blood rushing to the areas such as your heart and even your muscles. When the fear is gone, the hypothalamus should go back to its original state. If it doesn’t, then the process will continue. This is essentially what happens when you are going through a period of intense stress. It can also trigger you to overeat because of the amount of energy you are using, or even to smoke and drink more. If you want to stop this from happening then relaxation is key. Try and find the time to unwind, and concentrate on yourself. You also need to try and make better lifestyle decisions, such as quitting smoking. This will really benefit your mental and physical health. If you are finding it hard to stop smoking, then max vg vape juice may be an option.

Respiratory System

Stress hormones can also affect your cardiovascular and respiratory system as well. When you are going through the stress response, you will breathe faster to try and distribute oxygenated blood throughout the body. When you are under stress, your hormones will cause all of your blood vessels to contract and they will divert oxygen. This will then raise your blood pressure. Chronic, or continual stress can make your heart work faster for way too long. When you have high blood pressure, you then put yourself at more risk of having a heart attack or even a stroke. If you want to try and stop this then one thing that you can do is try and work out more. You can also get some fresh air, or even go on a walk to try and reduce your stress levels.

Digestive System

During periods of intense stress, your liver may produce extra blood sugar in order to try and give you a boost of energy. If you are constantly under stress, then your body may not be able to keep up with this. If you do not remove the source of the stress then you may go on to develop type 2 diabetes. The rush of hormones can also upset your digestive tract. You may develop acid reflux due to excess stomach acid and it may even increase your chances of developing an ulcer. It should be noted that stress in itself does not cause stomach ulcers.

Muscular System

Your muscles will tense up to try and protect themselves from injury when you are stressed out.

If you are undergoing a period of intense stress then they may never get the chance to relax, and this can cause back pain, shoulder pain, headaches and more.

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