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Aviva is a scientifically formulated hair revitalizer that stimulates your own natural hair growth cycle 6mm beneath the scalp surface, enriching and enhancing for stronger, thicker and beautiful looking healthy hair.

My personal experience with hair growth vitamins? I have none. There are vitamins like Hairfinity on the market, but they contain fish oils and I am allergic to fish, so I never bought them, or vitamins like it. I never took biotin or prenatal vitamins because logically, it did not makes sense, and this article confirmed that.  When I was pregnant, my hair was lush, thick and long, just like so many other women. I suspect that’s where the myth that prenatal vitamins makes the hair grow.  In reality, it’s the hormones. The best part? All that beautiful pregnancy hair? It falls out.  Then you struggle to bounce back from that postnatal hair loss.

Talk about a horse and carriage turning back into a pumpkin…

So what makes Aviva different from the rest? Or better yet, what made me want to try it?  Well for starters, there’s no fish oil, so I can take Aviva without the worry of rashes and allergic reactions. Second, it has a blend of botanical and nutraceutical ingredients to support healthy hair growth. Third, it has a combination of fatty acids and plant derived lipids that support healthy cell membranes and scalp, resulting in hair follicle retention.

I cut my hair off in 2013. I mean all of it. Over the past year it has grown back, but it seems that my hair gets to a certain length and just stays there. So my hope is that my hair will cross that line and get longer.

Aviva retails for $59.99. This will provide you a 30 day supply. Check my site in about a month for an update and before and after photos!

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