Baby Foot Deep Skin Exfoliation For Feet Review


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No matter the season, foot care is key. Depending on the shoes you wear, over time the feet get rough spots of callused skin. While callused skin is harmless, it develops to protect the skin, it is not aesthetically pleasing.

There are many methods available to remove callused skin from the feet- foot filing, soaking in warm water and removing with a pumice stone, exfoliating with Epsom salt, and an old country method- shaving it with a razor (don’t ask, don’t do it). I prefer Baby Foot.

Baby Foot Easy Pack is a unique product that contains two socks filled with a special exfoliating gel, a blend of 17 natural ingredients, plus glycolic and salicylic acid, to break up the dead skin on your feet, and over time leave you with soft, smooth feet.

How to use

  1. Cleanse your feet. Use a mild soap to cleanse, rinse and pat dry.
  2. Remove the seal by cutting the socks open at the top where shown. Use the tape that comes with the socks to enclose it properly around the foot. This ensures that the gel will not come out and that the socks will not slip off your feet if you have to get up and move around (but don’t move around too much)
  3. Wear the sock for one hour. This allows the gel to absorb. If you really want to enhance the results, wear some regular socks on top of the sock packs, or let your feet soak in a footbath.
  4. After one hour, remove the socks and wash your feet with a mild soap to remove the gel.
  5. After 2-7 days, you should be able to see the dead skin peel off your feet. You can start the process by rubbing your feet with a clean cloth or the palm of your hand (DO NOT use a foot file).

My experience

The mistakes that I made with these socks had more to do with me, and less to do with the product itself. I was bored, I was not sleepy, and  it was late at night (10pm to be exact).

I was sitting at my desk and randomly decided to go on and test these. First mistake- I was too far away from where I planned on washing this gel off my feet. Second mistake- doing this while everyone was sleep. We will talk about all of this in a little bit.

So I open the pack, and I am delighted that they actually fit my feet. I wear a size 12 shoe (blame pregnancy, obesity, and being tall), and they slip on just fine, but if your foot is any larger you may run into a problem. The smell is very light and refreshing, and the gel is a little cool but warms up just fine after a few minutes.   For better circulation and deeper absorption of the gel, put on a pair of thick socks on top of the plastic socks, or place your feet in a foot spa.

So for an hour (as directed), I sat and let the gel work. It tingled a little bit once or twice, a part of me thinks it was psychological. Time to rinse! Oh wait, I’m so far away from the bathroom :(.

The sound of the plastic and the gel squishing was enough to drive my nerves over the edge. Then I worried about waking others so I *squish, squish, squish, squish* all the way to the bathroom, looking around hoping that I was not waking anyone else and trying to hurry to the bathroom. By the time I got to the bathroom, after creeping with these squishy bags on my feet, a little area of the sock near the toe busted and I was foot exfoliating gel all in my real sock.

I washed the gel off with some shea butter soap and dried them off, and went to bed. No skin came off immediately, no harm no foul.

Day one- Nothing

Day two- Nothing

Day three- I took a nap on the couch. When I woke up, there was skin from my feet all over the couch.

The skin on the  previously calloused area just rubbed right off. Areas that I assumed were not calloused peeled off. You know what it reminded me of? Peeling Elmer’s glue off your hands.

Day four- more peeling around my toes, more rubbing off at the heel area.

Day five- more of the skin around the heel area rubbed off.

Day six- nothing

After day six and nothing else happened, I assumed it was over.

After six days, there was not a callused skin cell in sight. My feet were soft and smooth like a baby’s behind. There was truly a remarkable difference in my feet since using Baby Foot. I now use Baby Foot twice a year. Once in the spring before summer and again in the fall before winter.

Please note there are a few people this product will not work for:

Baby Foot retails for $25 for one pair of socks. You can purchase from their website, or simply shop from my widget below:















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19 thoughts on “Baby Foot Deep Skin Exfoliation For Feet Review

  1. Melissa D

    How did this do on the callouses specifically? I’d love to find something that would get rid of mine!


    1. GlitterGlossGarbage

      they rub off during the peeling stage! Works like a charm!


  2. Jamie Sanders

    I am OBSESSED with Baby Foot. I used it last year and it totally worked for me!


  3. Sham

    I want to try this!


  4. Shanta @ BuryMeInRedLipstick

    I used this last weekend and it is really great! By the time spring is in full swing my feet should be good money.


  5. Heather ツ

    The gory satisfaction that must come with this mask draws me in lol.


  6. Empress Natty

    I loveeeee baby foot! changed my life


  7. Mai

    I had recently just learned about this and I think it’s genius really :p


  8. yidot

    Gaaahh I really want to try this. I was so surprised when I spotted it at my Target 2 weeks ago.


  9. Hasani

    I really want to try this! If I don’t win I’ll buy one sounds amazing!


  10. Rachel Beltz

    Your story just makes this review a million times better.. I can literally see you trying to sneak in a sleeping house with squishy socks on!! I’m dying to try this though.. I’m one of those people who is obsessed with peeling products!


  11. brandy caruthers

    I need to try this


  12. Dagmar

    this would be great to try!


  13. Meegan

    Wow, I would love to try this! Looks amazing! And just in time for Spring!


  14. Michelle Castagne

    The peeling sounds interesting! To have baby soft feet would be amazing.


  15. Stephanie

    This sounds like something I just might invest in.


  16. Melissa S

    I just heard about this product recently. I think I need to look into getting it for myself before sandal season really starts here.


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