Baby Got Back (Problems)

Urgh! Have you ever suffer from pain in you back? If not then count yourself lucky, because let me tell you it isn’t much fun at all! Back pain is something that you can’t shut out, and can’t get away from. It’s juts there constantly making it harder for you to get on with your normal life. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to deal with it and alleviate some of the suffering. Read on to find out what they are.

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Identifying the issue


The first thing that it’s important to do when you are suffering from pain in your back is identify what is going on. That means really considering the pain and working out whether it’s a sharp, pain, pulsing, or a general soreness. You also need to think about whether it’s something coming from the muscles, the joints or deeper inside your body.


This is important because different types of issues can cause different types of pain. When you go to your doctors, they will ask you to be as specific about what you are experiencing as possible. So they can make an accurate diagnosis.


Getting the right diagnosis is important so you can follow the right course of treatment. As for some conditions, rest might be recommended. While others may need general exercise or physical therapy to release nerves in the back.


Physical therapy


Physical therapy is something that is often recommended for back problems. It may be in the form of a course of visits to the chiropractor. Who will attempt to realign your skeletal structure and the muscles covering wit with massage and adjustments.



Of course, this type of therapy is not suitable for all back issues, that is why it’s vital to get a proper diagnosis first. As with things like crush disks, it can cause more pain and damage.




Some folks with mild back pain can find that gentle exercises like yoga and pilates can help to alive it.


These two activities, in particular, are focused on strengthening the core muscles so help to build up the back and make it strong, as well as assist in redistributing the weight that the back usually has to support all of the time.


Of course, if you are suffering from back pain, always get your doctor’s permission before exercising, even if it’s only gentle.

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Your sleep position


Something else that can be a vital aspect of recovering from a back condition is the position in which you sleep.


Those of us that sleep on our fronts or sides are likely to have more problems with our backs. This is because our bones and joints are not as well supported by the mattress like they are when sleeping on our backs. Back sleepers are in contact with more of the mattress so their weight is better distributed and less strain in placed in particular areas.


That means changing the position that you are sleeping every night, or getting a more supportive mattress is something you should definitely look into for helping with chronic pain in the back.


Ergonomic chairs


While we’re on the subject of positions, it’s not just the position that we sleep in that affects our back health either, but the position that we stand in and sit in.


For example, a lot of us spend a great deal of the day sitting down at our desks while working. But if we are sitting in the wrong position this can have a devastating effect on our back, causing pain and all sorts of issues.

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However, this can be rectified by ensuring that we use ergonomically designed chairs when sitting at a desk. These are chairs that are designed to provide us with the best posture for sitting for longer periods. They are usually supportive in the lower back areas and are adjustable so you can get it at just the right height. That means you are neither hunched or stretching to see your computer screen or reach the keyboard.


Standing posture


Of course, our standing posture is also something that we can work on that will help with back pain problems.


Something as simple as just standing up a little straighter can actually relieve some back pain issues because your spine is designed to be straight. When it’s not the pressure in distributed to the wrong areas causing joints and muscles to pull in the wrong directions which often results in pain.


Manual handling


Something else that won’t necessary alive your back pain, but may help you to not get in this situation in the first place, is knowing how to lift things properly. This is known as manual handling, and it’s all about knowing the weight of the item that you are attempting to lift before you make an attempt, and using the correct body technique.


For example, men can lift up to 25KG to waist height and women 16KG to the same level. Any more than this in a normal situation is considered to be putting too much strain on a single person and can result in injury.


In addition, the posture for lifting is all about gaining power from bending from and then straightening the knees. The back should not be involved in the lifting at all. But too many people bend from the back and then when they lift, it’s put way too much strain on these areas which result in injury.


So always abide by these guidelines to help keep your back problem free.


Pain relief


Obviously, even if you are using the most supportive mattress, manual handling techniques and taking pretty good care of your back, not all back problems or injuries are avoidable. That is when a lot of folks often turn to pain relief to be able to carry on with their lives.


There are plenty of pain relief option such as over the counter medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen. As well as prescription painkillers from your doctor and devices the TENS machine.

However, it’s is worth have your problem looked at by a medical professional before you treat it at home. As some issues are painful because the body is trying to tell you to stop to prevent further damage. So working through this pain could be counter productive.

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