Back To Basics: Exercising After Injury Or Illness

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There are times in life when your exercise regime is interrupted for completely legitimate reasons.

  • You fall ill, barely having the energy to move from your bedroom to the sofa, never mind complete a rigorous workout class.
  • You suffer an injury, sustained either through exercise or just general clumsiness. (No judgment; we’ve all been there!)
  • You go through a life event that means you don’t have the time you would like to spend exercising.

After a sustained pause in your exercise regime, getting back on the horse — or the treadmill, in this case — can feel almost impossible. You’ve lost some of your fitness and stamina in the time that you’ve been away, so it’s fair to say that your motivation is definitely lacking. Let’s explore the steps you need to take to get you back to your best.

STEP ONE: A Gentle Introduction

No matter how hardcore your workouts used to be, after a pause from your regime, you’re going to have to go back to basics.

You have a couple of options for this. Gentle swimming is beneficial; it’s low-impact and isn’t going to cause any new damage to a body that’s already been through the wringer. All you need is a comfortable swimming costume and a subscription to a local pool, so even if you don’t usually swim, it’s relatively easy to get started.

The second option is walking, which has one huge benefit going for it: You’re not going to have to pay a gym subscription to do it. All you’ll need to do is consult a women’s walking shoe review and find a pair of shoes that will be comfortable and supportive for you. It’s inadvisable to walk without proper footwear, especially when you’re coming back from injury or illness. With new shoes on, you can head out into the open air and see how you feel.

STEP TWO: Test Your Muscles

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Along with swimming or walking, spend the first few weeks completing gentle strength exercises. If you have been confined to your bed for sustained periods, your muscles probably need time to build back their strength before you try anything more intensive.

STEP THREE: Reintroduce Your Previous Workout Regime Gradually

When you are managing your strength and swimming/walking, you can begin to reintroduce activities that you used to do. This should be a very gradual process, even if you feel you are coping with more intense workouts. Take your time, let your body adjust, and increase your workload by around 10 percent every week. This means you will take awhile to get back to normal, but slow and steady wins the race back to fitness.

STEP FOUR: Get Back To Normal

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If you follow all of the above to the letter and don’t rush, then before you know it, you’ll be back to your former self.

It might feel like getting back into your previous shape takes an age, but don’t worry — you will be able to get there. Give it time, take it slow, and soon your period away from your fitness regime will seem like a distant memory.

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