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When you sit back and think about blogging essentials, what comes to mind? You probably think about a computer, camera, pencils, a tablet…stuff like that. Unfortunately, you are missing one key item that will not only optimize posture but improve mood, energy and thoughts. Keep reading about the product that will make blogging more enjoyable!

According to a study conducted by iBlog Magazine, 55% of bloggers spend 5-20 hours blogging; 22% work 30-35 hours a week. That’s a lot of time spent sitting on your tushie! In addition, according to Annals of Internal Medicine, approximately 75 million U.S. adults reported having low-back pain lasting at least one whole day in the past three months. I can attest to this, because I suffer from back pain everyday. It could be my weight, I’m over 200 pounds. It could be the fact that I’ve had 5 kids, 4 childbirths included the use of epidurals. There seems to be connection between past epidurals and mommies suffering from back pain. Maybe it is my poor posture, my uncomfortable mattress, or the fact that I lift the wrong way. Whatever it is, I have back pain from the time I wake up in the morning, until the time I go to bed, EVERYDAY. I get some relief thanks to anti-inflammatory medications and built in lumbar support in my truck, but the rest of my day is full of distracting back discomfort.

Because I am part of the RiteAid Network, I got the opportunity to try BackJoy SitSmart ($39.99-$59.99) – a preventative everyday seat enhancement that helps us sit more comfortably and correctly, improving posture, strengthening core muscles and avoiding life-limiting back problems. BackJoy’s SitSmart is designed with patented Active Stabilization™ Technology that automatically tilts, cups and floats the pelvis upright so you can find your most balanced and comfortable posture on any surface—soft or hard.


When you sit, your pelvis drops and locks into the seat formation. The SitSmart works by floating the pelvis forward in soft tissue. Your spine is connected to your pelvis so by tilting your pelvis upright just a few degrees, it essentially floats your spine which allows your spine to have the natural S curve it was designed to have.


The SitSmart rolls forward when weight is placed on it to automatically tilt hips upright into a neutral position, allowing core muscles to engage and moving pressure and strain away from the lower back.

SitSmart is a lightweight device that works in any seat. You can improve your posture anywhere you go. From the bleachers at your favorite sporting event; in the car, to an airplane, even on the couch; you will feel more support and less fatigued.

Life with SitSmart is different. I went from slumping in my office chair to working with perfect posture in a matter of seconds. There is an obvious difference in not only posture, but comfort. I focus less on my back and more on my work, making SitSmart a must have for any blogger, or anyone in the job market that does a lot of work sitting.

There are four models available, even one for the kids, but SitSmart Relief retails $39.99. Black is the only color available. Purchase at RiteAid, or nationwide at CVS, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target. (and other independent retailers)

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