Bad Beauty Habits You Need To Stop

There is not a woman in the world who intentionally goes out there to ruin their hair, break their nails and have spotty, greasy skin. Typically, this doesn’t matter as there are so many bad beauty habits that are probably happening in your life right now. Skin, hair, and nails are all linked so when one isn’t kept on top of, they all follow suit and mess up. It’s always worth taking the time to make sure all your beauty routines are on point but it starts with working out what your bad beauty habits are. Maybe you’re looking in the mirror and wondering why your chin is covered in unsightly zits no matter how much you cleanse. Maybe you are wondering why your hair is hanging in rat’s tails despite the hair masks you religiously use every week. It’s not a conundrum; your beauty routine has its faults.

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Not only do you need to identify what the problem is, you need to work out how to fix it. If you constantly bite your nails, work through the issues that are making you anxious enough to eat your own hands. Also, apply that disgusting nail covering that tastes like the bottom of the toilet if you absent-mindedly lick your hands. Yuck! You don’t have to worry though. There’s not one beauty habit you can’t break, it just takes a little willpower on your behalf to work on it. We’ve identified some of the biggest beauty habits that you absolutely MUST break, and how to do it!

Old Make-Up

Open your handbag. And the other one. And the other one. Now, pull out all your makeup from each bag and line them up in date order. The frosted lip gloss from fifteen years ago has to go. We know you love it, but it’s not making a comeback and keeping your make-up rattling around for years because of nostalgia is kind of gross! Think about how clumped and gross your mascara from high school now is? And all the germs that have festered on that well-used brush is bound to make you see sense and clear out the old gear. Did you know that make-up products break down over time and begin to stink?

Makeup has a shelf life and you need to be aware of that before you smother it on your face. Replace your products once the expiration date comes around, even if it makes you cry! You’re far better off investing in decent, current make-up products like you can find on the site and updating each of your bags. If you like to keep the old products across all your bags, you need to buy three times the make-up and bin all the old stuff.

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Zap The Zits

It is so tempting to sit and squeeze the blackheads and pop the whiteheads. There are disgusting videos on YouTube dedicated to people popping their zits for entertainment (ew!). it’s not okay to pop them unless you do it correctly, which you can read about here. It can quickly get out of hand if you start to remove blackheads, and if you don’t do it the right way you will end up with bright red, sore skin and even more pimples. Not the best move! Don’t pick at your zits and after you have washed and moisturized, leave the mirror and the spots alone. They will mature and go on their own without interference.

Give Your Hair A Break!

You may love the look of straightened and heat-treated hair, but on a daily basis, this is going to damage it. Too much heat can make your hair dry and make it split and go frizzy. It doesn’t matter how many products you put on it to keep it hydrated, you need to give it a rest with the heat. At least once a week, do not touch the heat to your hair. Leave it dry naturally or squeeze it through with a towel and braid it gently. Give it a break from all the hot air and hot irons; your hair needs time to breathe in the same way skin does after a make-up covered night out. You could also apply a deep hair conditioning mask once a week to help the hair hydrate and heal. Long-term heat exposure can mean you end up cutting your hair short as a last resort; which may not be what you want.

Make-Up Removal

Your face is exposed to the world every single day and so it’s natural to want your skin to look nourished and bright. Falling into bed at the end of the day with all your makeup still caked on is not going to give you the nourished glow you desire. It’s going to clog your pores, make your skin go that funny patchy gray color and lead to greasy spots. Wonderful! No matter how tired you get, remove all the make-up on your face and wash with a facial scrub. Splash with cold water to close your pores and pat gently dry with a towel.

Failing that, if you really are too lazy (tired, we mean tired) to wash your face properly at the end of the night, keep makeup cleansing wipes like these handy for a five-second wipe over. No cold water, no scrubs, and no actual work but a fresh face nonetheless.

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Sun Smarts

You may not be aware of it, but sun cream is your beauty friend. It should be the most important item in your skincare regime. The money is on the fact you probably don’t apply sun cream, wear a hat and sunglasses when you go out in the sun. Even if you forget the hat and sunnies, you should make an effort to wear sunscreen. Too much time in the great outdoors can cause wrinkles, age spots and dry patches of skin. The fix? Keep sunscreen in your handbag, in your bathroom, and by the front door to remind yourself to put a layer on before you leave the house. Otherwise, buy makeup that has an SPF factor built in so you can make sure that your daily routine is covered.

Wash Your Bedding

Specifically, your pillowcase. Every night, you wash your face, then lay it down on an unwashed pillowcase that is covered in invisible germs, dirt and most probably, drool. You’ll get yourself into a cycle of bad skin no matter what you do simply because you aren’t washing your pillowcase enough. The fix here is to not only continue washing your face every night but wash your pillow case at least once a week if not more. You can halt the cycle of breakouts and heal any skin issues simply by ensuring you put your bedding through a hot wash. Magic!

Cool Your Showers

A hot, skin blasting shower often feels like a fantastic idea, doesn’t it? You want to stand under the powerful water and let the heat massage your skin. You won’t be doing yourself any favors though! Hot water strips out the moisture in your skin, leaving it dry and feeling tight. You then get that lovely shedding of flaky skin hours later and end up using bottle after bottle of moisturizer. Save your purse strings by swapping your boiling hot showers to warm ones instead. All the powerful water pressure and none of the sore, flaky skin.

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Eat Gum, Not Fingers

Nail biting is the top habit among women that we all want to break. It’s rather gross, isn’t it? Despite feeling satisfying at the time, using your teeth to peel the skin off around your nails leaves your fingers sore and looking rather gross. Get out of the habit by giving yourself a manicure and hand treatment. Keeping nail polish from chipping is the number one way to leave your nails alone. Don’t turn your nail biting habit into a nail-polish-picking habit instead, just leave your nails alone and invest in a pack of gum if you need to chew on something!

Wash Brushes

How often do you wash your makeup brushes? If you have just thought ‘weeks’ or ‘months’ then you need a reality check. Would you wear the same underwear for weeks on end? Probably not, because that’s disgusting. Your makeup brushes are full of dead skin and bacteria from your face that you are applying again and again. Wonderful! Once a week, wash those brushes through or invest in a brush mat to clear the bristles. In no time at all, it’ll become a habit you can easily stick to, breaking out of the one that means you’re spreading germs all over your face.

These beauty habits are not the nicest, but it’s likely that you are guilty of one or two of them! We all are. Breaking the habits is the key to your hair, skin, and nails being beautiful again. Make the effort to make the changes, and you can live a healthy life outside of your diet. Dirty beauty habits are not beautiful, make a change!


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