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Your wedding is the one day of your life that you can be in the center of attention as the bride. You have just run across the finishing line and can enjoy the build-up of your wedding planning at its peak. When you choose not to go with a wedding planning agency, you’re left to your own creativity to organize your wedding yourself. This can be an overwhelming situation to be in if you haven’t ever planned a huge event before and before you know it, you’re not just looking at flowers and favors, but dollar signs as the prices mount up.

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A lot of couples choose to opt for having a DIY wedding. This doesn’t refer to hammers and nails, but to doing all the parts of the wedding from flowers to cake, yourselves. With these wedding tips, you can be well on your way to the beautiful wedding you’ve always dreamed of, while staying in budget!

  • Have Your Cake: Wedding cake is one of those items that has a huge mark-up for what is essentially water and flour with a little tricky icing on top. You don’t have to go for a wedding cake designer to do your cake for you when you can be a little quirky with your own options. Go for a wedding cupcake or doughnut tower that you arrange yourself, and add a top tier to cut for photograph purposes. You can even buy individual cake boxes, so no soggy cakey napkins at the bottom of your handbag at the end of the night.
  • Build Your Invites: There are companies out there like Pure Invitation that design and sell DIY invitation packages to suit your budget. You can add the personal touch to your wedding and craft beautiful invitations, without breaking the bank while you do it.
  • Sew Many Choices: Your wedding dress is the one dress you will wear that you will remember for the rest of your life. If you don’t want to buy a brand new, designer dress like these ones, you have the option of going for the sales, wearing your mother’s wedding dress and even making your own. It sounds daunting, but if you have someone in the family that is a dressmaker, you can find a beautiful wedding dress pattern and have your dress made for you to your measurements. A one of a kind dress will have far more meaning and likely cost less than the latest Caroline Castigliano!
  • Click It: Wedding photography is the one thing everyone tells you not to skimp on, but if you haven’t got a budget for albums of beautifully posed photos, then have a look at your own pool of people. Sometimes the most treasured photos are those that are candid ones, and asking your friends and family to strategically take photos of you on the day will mean you can make savings. You also will have all the people you love with you, taking photos of your day.


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Budget weddings with a DIY element don’t have to be ‘cheap’. Being smart with money means you are going to have a wedding to die for, without landing yourself in debt!


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