Beauty Budget Planning For The Woman Who Loves Looking Good

For any woman who loves to look her best, there will always be a price to pay. The cost of cosmetics and beauty treatments has continued to rise in recent years. This means women are spending more now than ever, just for the basics. It is thought that Americans spend about $8 billion each year on cosmetics. That is a huge amount of money by anyone’s standards. So how on earth can we continue to afford this?


Rather than get into financial difficulty or debt, you can budget your spend carefully. Most of us love trying out new cosmetics, and the allure of all those advertisements is strong. Try to apply for samples when you see something new, instead of buying a full-price product. This gives you a chance to try before you buy. In fact, this is one of the best ways to avoid wastage. How many lip glosses have you bought that you never really liked?

You could also try to reduce the price you pay for your cosmetics by shopping around. Department stores and malls can sometimes be much more expensive places to buy your cosmetics than going online. Of course, if you’re in store for a makeover it is really difficult to avoid walking out of the store with a couple of hundred dollars of new cosmetics. What you need is a budget and an upper limit of what you’re prepared to spend.

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Creating a budget for your cosmetics is easier than you think. You can go through all your card statements and receipts for the last year to tally up how much you usually spend. Now figure out how many of those purchases were wasted. Deduct those totals to see what you spent that was useful. This could become your budget. If you’re looking to save even more, why not knock 10% off that figure and try to buy from lower cost sources?

As the costs of cosmetics go up, you may be looking for ways to boost your budget to cover the cost. If you look at options like Coupon Sherpa for big brand coupons, you might be able to reduce your other outgoings. Cut back a little in other stores too. Drive a little less, give up a snack or two, and pick a budget brand. These things can all cut your monthly spend. You can allocate these savings to fresh cosmetics, or even treat a loved one to an impromptu gift.

Now you have an idea of how much you can afford to spend each month, you can enjoy shopping without the fear of overspending. It’s possible you didn’t realize just how much you were buying each month, or how much ended up wasted. All of us want to look good, and new products are very tempting. Can you wait a while to pick up the latest gloss or shadow?

Clearing out old cosmetics and beauty products can be a little bit heart-wrenching. But it’s good to clear some space for something new. It will also help you to see what you need so you can avoid buying surplus. What’s your cosmetics budget?


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