Guest Postin’ Marcia Is Always Red-y to Wear A Good Red Lacquer!

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There is nothing like a shiny red nail polish to bring a smile to my face. I love all shades of nail polish and I’m so happy that the nail world has taken off the way it has but the classic red will never be outdated. I want to share with you one of my favorite nail polish brands of all time in a stunning red. Let me introduce you to A England Perceval. This “splendid and resplentent red” is part of the Mythical collection from A England. It costs £9.00 if you buy it from them or $10 US from Llarowe . I thought I’d reviewed more A England on my own site, Beauty Info Zone, but all I have there is the gorgeous Sabra in case you want to check that out along with my thoughts on A England.

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This red should look good on almost all skintones. It’s a ruby red that’s almost metallic once on. You don’t have to worry about brushstrokes with this baby though because there aren’t any. It fills in perfectly in two coats and with a good topcoat it shines. I’ve worn it several times and it always lasted a minimum of a week on me without ever looking old.

bca perceval

Because this is BCA Month I decided to shake things up a little and use an OPI BCA polish from 2010 called Pink of Hearts 2010 as an accent nail. It’s one of my favorite pinks for summer actually. It’s probably not the perfect shade for a fall accent but it brings attention. Attention I like. When people grab my hand or say something I can tell them it’s for BCA and put that grain of information in their heads. Pink of Hearts 2012 is available on Beauty Lounge as a set, it’s not quite as light as the 2010 but it’s a beautiful shade. Any of the OPI BCA shades though would work.

Bring some beauty to your nails while reminding the world that BCA matters.

Marcia blogs at Beauty Info Zone where you can read about her obsessions with eye and nail products.

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