Beauty Junkees Kabuki Collection Photos And Review


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Beauty Junkees has expanded their collection of must have beauty tools with the Kabuki Collection. The Kabuki collection features soft taklon synthetic brushes to create an airbrushed look using all types of makeup.

Kabuki brushes are short-handled brushes with dense bristles. Over time more makeup companies have meshed these dense bristles with a longer handle for easier use. Kabuki brushes provide uniform makeup coverage in general.

Let’s check out the new brushes:

Beauty Junkees Tapered Kabuki

Beauty Junkees Tapered Kabuki

The Tapered Kabuki ($11.97) is going to be your go to brush for applying concealers. The tapered cut bristles make it easy to apply to hard to reach places like the corners of the eye, under the eyes, and on the eyelid. This is a really big brush to be a concealer brush, but you will find it to be easy to use, and easy to stipple. Compared to smaller brushes, the bristles were more dense, which gave better coverage.

Beauty Junkees Flat Angled Kabuki

Beauty Junkees Flat Angled Kabuki

The Flat Angled Kabuki ($11.97) is going to be the brush you reach for to apply thicker, creamier foundations. The bristles are cut so that they are flat an at an angle to make foundation application smooth and even. There is a point at the end of the brush to apply foundation in hard to reach places, like around the eye area.  In my opinion this brush is best for full coverage application. I took a few photos of this brush so you can see it’s awesome cut.



Beauty Junkees Round Kabuki

Beauty Junkees Round Kabuki

This is my personal favorite of the trio. I am a BB cream fanatic, and when I do decide to wear foundation, I like that airbrushed look, making this brush THE brush for flawless foundation application. The Round Kabuki  ($11.97) features a round bristle head making it easy to apply foundation around the hairline, nose and jawline. This is the most versatile of the trio, because you can use it for light to medium coverage foundations, loose mineral powders, and BB creams! You can also use it to apply concealer. This is the brush for some serious buffing action to create that perfect air brushed look.

Find Beauty Junkees on their website. But just a tip, they are almost half the price on Links are above.  😉

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