Pro Tools For Less! Beauty Junkees Pro Series Eye Brush Kit Review

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Beauty Junkees released a new line of brushes back in January 2015 called the Pro Series Eye Brush Kit. The Pro Series Eye Brush Kit features eight must have brushes to create the perfect eye look. I got a chance to review these brushes and I am here to share my thoughts with you.

The kit contains eight brushes: pencil, tapered blending, all over shader, precision eyeliner, angled shading, flat definer, blending and crease. The kit comes packaged in a faux leather pencil pouch with a hot pink satin interior. These brushes rest in the case comfortably and there is room for at least 24 additional brushes. I actually have plans to use this case to carry my brushes for my trip to Cosmoprof.

Beauty Junkees Pro Precision liner

Beauty Junkees Pro Precision Eyeliner is as it is described. It is a very precise liner brush that works perfectly for lining the top lashline, tightline or waterline area with a cream or gel liner. If you are a noob, apply using many short strokes.


Beauty Junkees Pro All Over Shader

Beauty Junkees Pro All Over Shader works best for packing eyeshadow on the eyelid area. It does a great job picking up shadow without harshly scraping the pan, which creates excess and fallout.  Pick up the shade and lightly tap to remove excess (just in case) and apply by patting the product on your lid.


Beauty Junkees Pro Angled Shading

Beauty Junkees Pro Angled Shading is the brush you want to have in your stash to highlight the brow area. The bristles are soft, flexible and makes for easy application. While this brush did an excellent job with powder shadows, it was a little harder when working with cream shadows. Pick up the product, tap, and apply below the brow area.


Beauty Junkees Pro Blending

Beauty Junkees Pro Blending Brush is a soft, dense brush with firm fibers to blend effortlessly. Pick up product, tap the excess and apply in a back and forth wiper motion in the crease or lid to remove harsh lines.

Beauty Junkees Pro Crease

Beauty Junkees Pro Crease Brush is soft and fluffy and applies your crease shade with ease. Pick up product, tap the excess and apply in the crease area. Follow up by blending with the Pro Blending Brush.


Beauty Junkees Pro Flat Definer

Beauty Junkees Pro Flat Definer is a flat, soft, dense brush that applies product in the lash line area. Pick up product with the brush, tap and apply.


Beauty Junkees Pro Pencil

Beauty Junkees Pro Pencil Brush is a soft brush with fibers shaped like a pencil tip. This brush is great for creating a thicker, blended line around the lash line area.


Beauty Junkees Tapered Blending Brush

Beauty Junkees Pro Tapered Blending Brush is a great alternative to the Pro Blending brush. This brush is softer and has longer fibers than the Pro Blending brush. Use it like you would the alternative for a more airbrushed blending look.

Overall for the price, this is an excellent set for the price. The brushes are high quality with high-quality performance for a very low price.

Beauty Junkees Pro Series Eye Brush Kit retails $39.97 on Amazon.

Use the code GGGARB10 for $10.00 off the pro Eye Brush Set; use code GGGARB25 for 25% off an individual Eye Brush.

Beauty Junkees Pro Series Eye Brush Kit


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8 thoughts on “Pro Tools For Less! Beauty Junkees Pro Series Eye Brush Kit Review

  1. Shanta Carson

    One can never have too many brushes or that’s what I tell myself when I buy them. I like how you gave instructions on how to use the brushes. That kind of info is always helpful.


  2. Jessica

    I don’t know anything about the brand. Are these synthetic brushes? I’m always looking for extra eye brushes.


    1. Eden Everly

      They are synthetic. I discovered Beauty Junkees by accident several years ago and before anyone even heard of them. I took a chance on them, and the quality is mindblowing. I couldn’t believe it. Based on my experience with the face brushes, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again.


    2. GlitteryGlossy

      Yes, they are synthetic!


  3. dawn

    Thanks so much for the share! This helped me so much on understanding which brushes to use and when.


  4. Dressed2dNines.Com

    I so like the fact that they actually tell you what each brush is for, as a newbie to the makeup thing, I appreciate that!


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      You are welcome!


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