Beauty Junkies Contour & Highlighting Palette Swatches on Medium/Deep Skin

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Beauty Junkees is expanding their product lineup by adding color cosmetics. Beauty Junkees Contour & Highlighting Palette makes it easy to enhance and minimize facial features in a few simple steps. I’ve always been a fan of powder contouring because I’m the girl that was always on the fence about contouring anyway. I personally want a little definition, not all that heavy stuff I see so often in tutorial videos. I prefer powder over cream because powder is quick and easy. Cream requires more detailed blending, and I don’t have time for details.

Contour shades

Beauty Junkees Contour & Highlighting Palette contains three contour shades to sculpt and define your face. Shades include fawn, java and truffle. The texture of the contour powders is very silky and easy to apply and blend. The finish is matte. Without prep, the contour shades lasted 10 hours.

Highlighting shades

It also contains three highlighter shades to lift and brighten cheekbones. You can also use highlighter shades to hide dark spots or define the lips. Shades include banana, vanilla, and sands. The texture of the highlighting shades is silky and powdery. The finish is a matte like shimmer.

Overall thoughts

This palette is perfect for anyone, beginner or expert that prefers powder over cream to contour. The powder is very smooth and silky in texture, making it easy to apply and even easier to blend. The palette itself is very easy to store and travel with, just make sure you keep the paper sleeve that is included with the palette. When you run out of a shade, have no fear, the inserts are refillable, so you don’t have to purchase a full palette over again. Once I get more information on refill availability and pricing, I will circle back and update.

Beauty Junkees Contour & Highlighting Palette retails $24.97. 

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