Beauty Stat Review- Dr. Jules Nabet’s Zen Lotion


Price- $39.00


What they say- Luxuriously formulated without compromise, the Zen Lotion is rich in texture, and uses micro-encapsulated pure oxygen and vitamin C to reduce the visible signs of aging. Despite its rich texture and look and feel, the product is attractively priced at $39. At such an affordable price, if it possible to have skin that looks like you just had Cosmetic Surgery in Manchester?

My thoughts- From my initial research, this is a European brand that recently hit the United States. Founded by Dr. Jules Nabet is a leading doctor in his specialized field of aesthetic medicines practicing in his clinics located in Paris and London. This made me happy because I know who is making it, and I know he has the credentials to provide the consumer’s skin with what it needs.

I really didn’t fool around with this lotion as much as I wanted to, I used it for like a week straight.  I have not reached that point in my age in which I am fighting the losing battle that is aging. For the week that I used it, I had no irritation, no breakouts, my skin was soft and supple. So maybe I will use it a little longer since I am running out of my favorite moisturizer. This just might be it’s replacement. My thoughts are all over the place

And of course anything containing vitamin C is a good thing.

The directions on the site clearly state to spray on the face. I wish it were that simple. This is not a spray on product, this is a squirt in your hand and rub it in product. Which is not a big deal, I just figured that I would let you all know.

I like the texture of the lotion, a gel, very heavy to the touch, but not heavy once applied to the face.

Ingredients- White Lilly, Pure Vitamin C, Micro encapsulated pure oxygen, Hyaluronic acid….yup that’s it! Nothing pleases me more than a skin care product that does not have 85542255 ingredients.

For more information on the Dr. Jules Nabet Skincare products, please visit And take advantage of the special Friends & Family Discount of 30% by entering the code word ILOVENABET upon checkout. This offer is valid until November 30th.

Thanks to Beauty Stat for providing me with this product to review! Samples of this product were sent to me free of charge, but thoughts about this product are my own objective opinion Smile

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