The Mission: Find A Beautyblender Dupe….I Failed…

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Everyone loves Beautyblender, and for every good product, there has to be an alternative right?  Beautyblender is a best selling makeup sponge used to apply foundation and concealer. It is noted for its flawless wet or dry application, dual-ended design, and reusable properties. At $20, it can be unaffordable for your average beauty enthusiast.

For the past two years, I have tried more than a few alternative beauty sponges, trying to find something close to the Beautyblender and if I was lucky, a dupe. Long story short, I failed. Keep reading for a list of sponges that I tried:

Beauty Junkees 4 Piece Pro Beauty Sponges Set, $29.97 $12.97

Back in October 2013, I got the opportunity to try Beauty Junkees 4 piece pro set. At the time, it retailed $29.97 for all four sponges, averaging out to roughly $7.49 a sponge. Since then, the price has dropped significantly. The set came with four different sponges: green, purple, pink and blue. The pink sponge is designed in a similar fashion to Beautyblender. The pink sponge is denser than the Beautyblender and firmer in texture. If it was a tad softer, it would be a spot on dupe.


Beauty Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, $7.99

This is the last sponge I purchased back in December 2015. Beauty Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge promises high definition results. This sponge is designed similar to Beautyblender, except it is a different color (orange) and there is a flat edge to contour around the eyes and nose. The Miracle Complexion Sponge is firmer, heavier, and larger than the Beautyblender. This sponge is, however, softer than Beauty Junkees. I was speaking to a friend about these last night, and she noted that if you use them on a regular basis, they tear up quickly. That does not give you much bang for your buck if you are replacing monthly. It is recommended that your Beautyblender be replaced every three months.

Rite Aid Renewal Application Perfection Professional Wedges

Rite Aid sent me this bag of wedges over a year ago, and they take the crown when seeking a makeup sponge that performs as well as the Beautyblender. Problem is, they are wedge-shaped and not the iconic teardrop. They have the exact same density and texture as the Beautyblender and application results are exactly the same. Cleaning is not a huge issue to me because you get 16 wedges in a bag. Because it is a wedge shape, you can completely apply foundation all over the face and use the tip to apply around the nose and eye area, but the tip is not as contoured as the Beautyblender.

So overall, my search for a beauty blender dupe was a wash I guess. If you are on the hunt for a product of good quality, similar to Beautyblender, you have one of two choices in my opinion: Rite Aid Wedges or Beauty Techniques Miracle Complexion.

Have you tried any sponges like Beautyblender that you love? Comment below!

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