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As time goes on, we all find ourselves on our own personal quests to look and feel younger, even as aging tries to take its toll on our skin. Thankfully, treatments like Botox are making it easier every day to look as young on the outside as we feel on the inside. Understanding just what Botox injections are and how exactly they work is something that can be extremely helpful to you on your journey to reduce and eliminate the signs of aging on your face.

Botox injections reduce wrinkles by blocking impulses to the nerves that cause the facial muscles to contract, thus softening the appearance of wrinkles while simultaneously working to prevent new ones from forming. But that’s not the only thing Botox can do. The drug was originally discovered and used for purely medical purposes, as its ability to stop different kinds of muscles from contracting was extremely helpful in certain cases. One of the interesting things about Botox is that even patients who previously suffered from migraines and have used the drug for cosmetic purposes have reported that they experienced even fewer migraines after the injections.

Another one of the many medical uses for Botox injections into the head, neck or shoulders is the way it helps to relieve any excessive tension and strain that may be troubling the nervous system. Also, Botox has been shown to be effective for those who may be trying to combat sweating. The reason that Botox is able to stop sweat is because it reduces the chemical that is known as acetycholine. This is the chemical agent that is known for producing and stimulating the sweat glands. Botox was even approved by the FDA as a treatment for hyperhydrosis, otherwise known as excessive sweating. The Mayo Clinic has said that Botox can help those who are suffering from arthritic pain, and the National Institute of Health has even stated that Botox has become a popular choice for people who are dealing with an overactive bladder.

The process of receiving Botox is simple. First, it’s important to find a reputable provider – someone who has a proven track record of client satisfaction and experience providing these sorts of treatments. Larger, highly recommended clinics in major cities, like Toronto’s Skin Vitality Medical Clinic (, usually provide the best results; also, these types of clinics often have satellite offices in suburbs or the areas surrounding your city that mean you can get your treatments closer to home. You will be given a few small injections into a few predetermined areas of your face so that the Botox enters the facial muscles and moderates the wrinkles there. This entire process only takes around 10 minutes, and after the treatment, there is no downtime – you can get right back to your life without any interruptions. All in all, Botox is one of the simplest and most straightforward way to combat the signs of aging, and highly recommended to anyone looking to keep looking as youthful as they feel.

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  1. Esthetic Goddess

    Botox rocks! I started getting Botox when I was 28. I am now 49 and it is a staple in my anti aging regime!


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