Benefits of Giving a Gift Basket

While there is any number of items you can give to someone on a special occasion, one that stands out is a customized gift basket from Manhattan Fruitier. A nice box of chocolates may be a standard gift in some situations, but when you can choose a sumptuous gift basket filled with healthy items, that is a gift worth giving on any occasion.

Giving a Gift Basket

The great thing about gift baskets is they can be tailored to match the tone of any sort of occasion, from a low-key barbecue to a formal dinner party. Gift baskets can be given for any number of reasons, including:

  • Anniversary;
  • Birthday;
  • Bon Voyage gift;
  • Job promotion;
  • Retirement;
  • Holiday gift;
  • Housewarming gift; or,
  • Celebrating a new baby (or baby to be).

In addition to being suitable for any occasion, gift baskets can be created and customized to match the personality and preferences of any recipient.

Types of Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are available with a variety of options, which makes it easier to choose the type that best fits the recipient’s taste. From sweet and salty to exotic and gluten free, there’s a gift basket that’s sure to please the palate. Baskets also are available in a variety of containers that can be reused, so, it’s like giving two gifts in one.

Just a few of the choices available in gift baskets created for good health include:

  • Organic fresh fruit such as mango, avocado, bananas, pomegranate, or kiwi.
  • Dried fruit, which is always a delicious treat, include dried Bing cherries, dried apricots, organic bananas and apples, pears, plums, figs, and white nectarines.
  • Nuts such as roasted almonds, unsalted almonds, glazed nuts, lightly salted peanuts, and cashew granola add the extra “crunch” to the gift basket.
  • Chocolate lovers can still enjoy the delectable taste of chocolate with items such as chocolate-covered toffee, cocoa-dusted almonds, or chocolate-dipped pomegranate seeds.
  • Gift baskets are also available for those with alternative diets such as vegan, those following a heart-healthy regimen, gluten free, and those on a low-glycemic diet.

In addition to delicious treats, health-themed gift baskets can also contain fitness accessories, or books to help the recipient kick-start a new lifestyle or maximize their health in other ways.

Benefits of a Healthy Gift Basket

It doesn’t matter whether the gift basket is being given to a young person, teenager, adult, or a senior, each will benefit from its healthy contents. The great thing about healthy treats is your recipient can indulge in delicious snacks without having any guilty feelings. A basket loaded with fresh and delectable items is the perfect gift a family can give to itself so everyone is enjoying healthy items at snack time.

Medical Benefits of Dried Fruits and Nuts

Along with guilt-free snacking, healthy gift baskets contain vitamins and minerals that support a healthy body.

According to information on the International Nut and Dried Fruit website, studies have shown that the consumption of nuts is playing a role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. The reason for the reduction is due to the compounds found in nuts, which help prevent cardiovascular disease.

The Mayo Clinic notes that nuts contain fiber, which helps lower bad cholesterol level, can help prevent type-2 diabetes, and reduce the risk of blood clots. Nuts also contain plenty of protein, vitamin E, unsaturated fats, L-arginine, plant sterols, and Omega-3 fatty acids, making them a great, heart-healthy snack.

Dr. Anthony Komaroff, of Harvard Health Publications at Harvard Medical School, notes that dried fruit packs a powerful punch, combining high fiber and phenols – more than are found in fresh fruit. Both fiber and antioxidants like phenols work to combat some cancers, as well as fighting obesity, lowering the risk of diabetes, and degenerative diseases of the brain.

When you’re in need of a special gift that will bring a smile to the face while supporting good health, remember, customized gift baskets provide both along with good taste.


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