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We all love to decorate. Well, we all love the look of the place once we have finished decorating, at least. The actual decorating work isn’t always that much fun. So I guess that first sentence is only an odd sort of half-truth!


In any case, decorating or renovating a room can bring some really encouraging and beautiful results, helping you feel much happier with your home and boosting your self-esteem. But planning the work can make your head spin because there’s so much choice when it comes to the materials you can use. In fact, it is amazing that anyone gets any remodelling work done with all the choices available!


You don’t want to get this wrong and end up with a style that you hate; you’ll have to live with it, after all! To make this process a bit easier, we’re going to take a look at some of the key materials with which you can work when you’re decorating.





Hardwoods have a great effect on a home because they look amazing when they are installed. They are shiny and glossy and fit perfectly into almost every style that you can go with in your house. Better than that, they add value to your home. Potential buyers love hardwoods because they look good, but they are also easy to maintain and clean so they will pay more for them.

Even if they don’t lure potential buyers, there are loads of other benefits to hardwood flooring that we haven’t even mention. There are loads of companies out there who sell great hardwood flooring and even lend affordable assistance in placing it in your home. See if you can go with a seller that works with sustainable timber providers.





Hardwood can be costly depending on which style you choose. But if you don’t have a whole lot of money at the moment, or if you’re simply unwilling to spend all that money on… y’know, a floor, then perhaps laminate flooring is the way to go. This is often known as imitation hardwood flooring. It might not be the real deal, but it looks like hardwood, and most people won’t be able to tell the difference. It also doesn’t scratch and it easy to clean. All you need to do to maintain it is to run over it with warm, soapy water. If money is an issue, but you crave the hardwood look, laminate is a great choice for your flooring.

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A lot of people don’t like carpet all that much because they regard it as old school and out of fashion. Many others will go with the argument that carpets can also be quite unhygienic; they do attract a lot of dust and bacteria and are much harder to keep completely clean that wood or laminate options. However, carpet can be a perfect choice in the right circumstances – and it’s really not all that hard to vacuum more often and give the material a good wash every few months! Besides, carpet material also includes rugs, which can complement  wood flooring perfectly. You can have rugs tailored to your specifications if you want; perhaps you know tailors who can do suits or rugs. Bedrooms are a great place to install carpet because it gives the room a softer, cosier feel that is essential in such a room. Plus, they are easy to install, and they are one of the cheapest options available.





If you are struggling to think of a new style to fit your home, tile is the material that you want. It is remarkably flexible; it’s available in a greater variety of different colours, sizes, and materials than pretty much anything else on this list. For example, there is marble, slate, granite and porcelain – just to name a few! Plus, because of their durability, they will also save you money in the long run. If you buy and install tile, it could last for years if you maintain it properly, which is easy to achieve.





“Cork?” I hear you ask. It might not be the most popular, but it is increasingly used in homes throughout the country. It’s a great addition to your home if you want something with a more natural feel, as well as a greener living approach. It’s a great insulator and is very easy to acquire from sustainable producers.


This is not an exhaustive list; there are loads of other materials out there that may fit your home even more beautifully. We’ve basically only scratched the surface! Consider speaking with an interior designer if you’re still stuck.

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