The Best Partywear Combinations for 2017

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If you are planning to attend a party, or special event, over the next few months, now is definitely the time to go shopping for some new clothes. Most retailers are already stocking a good range of cocktail dresses and party wear accessories.

There really are some lovely dresses available, right now, especially for the plus-size figure. Here are a few of my current favourites…

Lacy Party Dresses

Lace is a great material for an occasion dress. It is a material that you rarely see worn in everyday settings, so it’s that little bit more special. A lace dress looks sophisticated and glamorous on anyone, especially if you combine it with patent leather handbags and shoes.

This year, there are some lovely colour options available. Hot tones are very much in vogue, so purple, red and pink are all widely available. However, for those of you who are a bit more reserved, there is still the option to buy a lace dress in black or dark blue.

The cuts vary. However, most of the lace dresses retailers are stocking right now are straight cut and mostly mid-length. This length is flattering for most women´s legs, especially when worn with a pair of court shoes.

Maxi Dresses

However, if you do prefer a full-length dress you can easily find one. There are plenty of stylish maxi dresses available.

Designers have really had fun with this classic cut. For example, there are some lovely floaty mermaid style maxi dresses available from several retailers. These look absolutely wonderful on the curvier figure and are really glamorous.

However, this style of dress is not the best option for the office party, but it would be perfect for a ball or award dinner. The best thing about this style of dress is because it literally reaches the floor you have the option to wear Ballerina style shoes. Being able to wear flat shoes is always nice. Just be sure to choose a pair that complements the colour of your dress and bag. Your feet will be partially visible when you walk or dance, so you really do want them to match your dress.

Straight Cut Dresses

There are a lot of straight cut cocktail dresses available and it is nice to see many retailers selling them in plus sizes. Provided you choose a well- structured dress they can be surprisingly flattering for curvier women. A great example of this is the iconic bodycon dress. Shift dresses, with the right waist detailing, also work well for plus size women.

If you opt to wear this dress, pay particular attention to your accessories. They are typically plain and simple, so you really do need to choose stylish and striking jewellery, shoes and bags. This will help to lift your outfit to a level where it is suitable for a party or night out. If you choose accessories that are too plain there is a danger you can look like you are dressed in something you could just as easily wear to the office.

Finding the Style of Dress that Compliments your Figure

If you are unsure of which of the above dress styles is right for you, just go online and take a look at YouTube. There you will plenty of really good videos that explain which cuts are best for each body types. This article is also worth taking a look at. It covers the subject of choosing the right colour dress for your skin tone, which is another important consideration when buying occasion wear.


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