#theregimenchallenge: The Best Toner For Your Skin Type


Challenge #1: How to find the skin cleanser of your dreams

Challenge #2: How to choose the best exfoliant for your skin


You’ve picked the skin cleanser of your dreams, you know the best exfoliant for your skin type,  now it’s time to tone! A toner is a liquid applied to the skin that completes the cleansing of your skin.

If you’ve never used a toner, I want to let you in on a little secret: after you cleanse your face, it is probably still dirty. Advances have been made in skincare over the past few years, and cleansers are better than ever, but one fact remains- everyone does not clean their face properly, or thoroughly.

Aside from re-cleansing, toners can do other things like soften the skin, making it optimal for absorbing serums, essences, and moisturizers. Most toners balance pH. Others are medicated to treat acne, fade dark spots and rehydrate. Regardless, toning should be an essential part of your skincare regimen.

Best toner for oily/combination skin

Most oily girls make the fatal mistake of picking up toners full of alcohol if you pick up a toner at all. Unfortunately, when you apply toners with alcohol, you are zapping the oil on contact, but your skin says you are dry and you end up producing more oil.

You want a toner that will balance the skin. 



Best toner for dry skin

If you have dry skin and you are not using a toner, I seriously don’t know what is wrong with you. Our skin needs moisture any way we can get it, and toner is just another way to get it.

You want a toner that is rich in hydrating ingredients.




Best toner for sensitive skin

Everything aggravates your skin, so it’s a must you avoid alcohol, fragrance, and ingredients that exfoliate. Treat yourself to flowers, literally.

You want a toner that will nourish the skin.




Best toner for normal skin

Your skin type is rare, but it’s perfect. You don’t have to put as much effort into your skin as the rest of us, but you still have a bomb skincare routine that includes toning.




Are you using the right toner? Tell me what toner you use in the comments below!







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11 thoughts on “#theregimenchallenge: The Best Toner For Your Skin Type

  1. Eartha Titt

    I have very dry and sensitive skin and I live in Canada. Extremely cold. I currently use Shiseido’s Benefisnce balancing softener. I’ll def check out your recommendations. I used Murad’s Hydrating Toner prior to this but it seemed to dry me out too much.


    1. Hey Aprill

      I think it has alcohol in it. 🙁


  2. Asia Riley

    My skin is combo/sensitive and acne prone. I use P50V, Missha Time Revolution Clear Toner, MUAC Sea Mineral Toner, and Shea Terra Organics Rose Water & Witch Hazel Toner.


    1. Hey Aprill

      I bet the Shea Terra toner is lovely.


  3. Ehmkay Nails

    So much important information! I’ve been using lush toner and loving it


  4. Natasha

    I just started using a toner by Ole Henriksen and I love it! Didn’t realize how important it is to tone.


  5. Polished Hippy

    I am a complete failure when it comes to using toner. I just rely on my post-shower cream to rebalance ph and well, it doesn’t always work.


  6. Nina at Model City

    I love the Pixi toner!!!! Add in the ease of picking up at target is a huge bonus for me!


  7. BigThighsBrownEyes

    I have combo skin, which is also sensitive, AND a bit acne prone because of PCOS. I usually just use witch hazel, just because I was completely lost about toner. I was afraid to try anything else. But this is a great post and it’s given me great information


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