BIY: Beautify It Yourself

Making your own beauty products and remedies at home is a great way of saving money and be sure of the ingredients that go into them. It all too easy nowadays to buy a product off of the shelf. But are you sure you want to apply so many chemicals and additives to your face and body? If the answer is no, then show no try the BIY trend instead. Read on for some more information.


Do you remember those little double boilers from cooking class in school? The ones that you melt chocolate in? We’ll get a hold of one of those, and you can make your own lip balm!

All it takes is some coconut oil, and some shea butter melted together until they are perfectly combined. You need to do this at a slow and even temperature, though, else it won’t set into the balm-like consistency that you are looking for.


Add drops of essential oils for scent. Or wait until the mixture is almost entirely cooled and add some sugar grains to make an exfoliating balm to give you the softest lips ever!


Another part of the body that we want to look good is the legs, and happily, there is some BIY treatment we can do to achieve this.

First of all, you can make a very natural self-tan with your favorite moisturizer, mixed with some high-quality cocoa powder. Just apply as you would like a usual gradual tanning cream, and you will be set.

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You can also get rid of varicose veins on the legs by giving them the BIY treatment. If you are are a sufferer on varicose veins this can help your legs both feel and look better, and this is how to do it naturally.


Not many folks realize that they can even make their own eyeshadows. Again it uses shea butter. But in this case along with arrowroot powder. You can use cornstarch apparently, but arrowroot is way better as it less of an irritant on the skin.

Then create the colors with natural edible ingredients like turmeric, allspice, or cocoa. Sounds a lot alike like the edible makeup challenge, I know, but it does actually work. It’s pretty easy to remove as well with soap and water, or you can use your own BIY makeup remover like the one here.

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If you are going for the pastel, unicorn, mermaid look that is super popular at the moment, it’s probably best to stick to the professional products. As i’m not sure how much luck you will have trying to get your hair to go turquoise with DIY items.

But if you are trying to lighten your hair subtly for the summer you can give it the BIY treatment. In fact, all you need in some lemon juice and a spray bottle!

Squeeze the juice from the lemon and pour it into the bottle. Then spray on the parts of your hair that you want to lighten. The last element of the process is going out into the sun, which will bleach these areas, and give you very natural looking highlights.

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