Black Friday Reflection: The Best Purchase I Ever Made

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The countdown begins! We have a little over two weeks left before Black Friday! Black Friday shopping is the biggest shopping holiday of the season! I teamed up with to remind you about all the good deals Black Friday has to offer, and tell you about the best purchase I ever made.

The best purchase I ever made

Black Friday 2013 I only went one place and that was Walmart. 2013 brought about a new trend with retailers opening Thanksgiving night. The moral side of me did not agree, because it’s Thanksgiving. Everyone should be at home with their friends and family eating and enjoying the day. The immoral side of me was excited to see what I could grab for a really low price. Realistically, Black Friday was more hectic than I expected.

I really wanted to go to Target, but their doors opened at 8pm (if my memory serves me correctly), and the line was very long and it was below freezing outside and there were hundred of people lined up. There was no way I was standing in the longest line I had ever seen in my life, even if that meant not picking up the coveted Sonia Kashuk holiday brush set and an iPad. So I left.

There were not many retailers open, and I really needed to get out and get some fresh air and walk off all the food I ate (and spend a little money), so I landed at Walmart because there was no line outside, the doors were open, it was warm in there, and they were running a sale on things I was looking for. So what was the best purchase I ever made? A computer of course!

About every two years, I take advantage of Black Friday sales by purchasing a new computer. This is my affordable way to keep fresh technology at my fingertips without having to pay full price.

Black Friday Shopping Infographic

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Tell me: what is the best purchase you ever made from Black Friday?

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