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I am a Southern girl with a deep appreciation for southern things. Coming from the Magnolia state, I’ve always had a love for magnolias. My aunt had a magnolia tree in her front yard that was a staple of my childhood. As an adult, I lived in a house for 4 years that had a magnolia tree in the front yard. The leaves that fall are a pain in the behind, but the flowers are beautiful and fragrant. The collection of monarch butterflies that used to hang out and play around the tree was nothing more than an aesthetic bonus from God.

I also have a love for peaches. You know it’s summer in Mississippi when the Farmer’s Market has a stockpile of ripe peaches- not too hard, not too soft, yet juicy and delicious.

I also have a love for New Orleans. My summers spent at the Aquarium, the culture, the music, Cash Money Record (yes, I’m serious) all good times. My husband spent the summer of 2006 traveling back and forth to New Orleans rebuilding the levees on Lake Pontchartrain. At one time, I had neighbors that were displaced from Hurricane Katrina. My best friend is a native of New Orleans. Hopefully one day, I will retire and move there.

For now, I will love everything about New Orleans through Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Josie.

Josie was created in 2010 as part of The District collection, a scent series representing the people, places, and culture of New Orleans.



BPAL Josie comes packaged in a 5mL amber apothecary glass vial with special artwork created by Molly Crabapple. In the bottle, you can smell the notes of magnolia, peaches and honey. The top note in this fragrance is magnolia. It is sweet, warm and creamy. Give the fragrance a few moments and you can smell notes of warm fragrant honey and sugary peaches. I have a deep appreciation for the honey note in this fragrance because some brands get it all wrong and make honey smell too sugary, or they make it have a weird, inauthentic stench. Josie dries down to sweet notes of that beautiful, warm honey.

On my body, this fragrance lasts 15 hours. This is excellent wear in my opinion for a fragrance oil.

Josie was a wonderful introduction to BPAL for me, and I will be coming back for more. Josie is a great fragrance to add to your collection if you are looking for something new for this upcoming summer. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Josie retails for $26.



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