The Breakdown: Beauty Junkees 4 Piece Pro Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge Set



Remember once upon a time fingers and compact sponges were the only ways to apply foundation? Now we regular gals have the option of many different brushes and makeup sponges. Beauty Blender was one of  the first brands to hit the market, but I’ve never used it.  The price point was never my cup of tea ($19.95 for one sponge). Enter Beauty Junkees (not to be confused with my boo Amber’s blog).

Beauty Junkees provides you with makeup sponges that are Beauty Blender quality at half the price. Beauty Junkees most notable product is the 4 piece Pro Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge Set. You get 4 cute sponges, all different shapes and colors, for all different uses. I made a handy chart for you to follow, pin, love, and share!

beauty blender

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I love these sponges! I use the green spade the most for concealing and correcting eyeliner errors (I’m the master of creating eyeliner mishaps). I dip the sharp tip in a little makeup remover and my mistakes just smudge right off.


I love the pink teardrop for my liquid foundation. I also like to swipe my stick foundation on my face and blend out with the pink teardrop.


I prefer the purple pear for applying my primers, moisturizers, and BB and CC Creams (when I don’t have time to get product all over my hands).


The blue sculptor  I use the least because I hate wearing heavy foundation. I did try it out on a friend and I like the even application. I did stipple with it, but nothing beats a stippling brush. I would not wet this sponge at all.

Now when it comes to using these sponges wet, I prefer them dry.  Wetting the sponge expands it a little bit but not much, and I do not care for my foundation to be thinned out. Even a little bit. Be very careful and make sure you get all the water out of your sponge before you start applying foundation.

Beauty Blender charges $19.95 per sponge, and it only comes in one shape. How much for Beauty Junkees’? $29.97 for all 4.  That’s a value of $49.83. You can find more information about Beauty Junkees official website, or you can purchase from (and get a big surprise on the pricing)

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3 thoughts on “The Breakdown: Beauty Junkees 4 Piece Pro Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge Set

  1. Shauna Dai Sayomi

    I’ve been wanting to try these for a while but hated the price too. lol I like the less expensive set. Nice.


  2. Taye Nicole

    So excited to try these, I just placed an order via Amazon! I was so hesitant to buy the beauty blender because the price is just…no but 4 for that (including shipping) is a steal. Thanks Aprill!


  3. Brandi H

    This post came at just the right time. Like you, that price tag on the Beauty Blender is frightening. The set thru Amazon is an awesome deal. Thanks Aprill!


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