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Most bachelor parties are arranged by your groomsmen, meaning you are putting a lot of trust into your friends to make sure you’re not humiliated on your last night out as a ‘single’ man. The best man usually oversees the planning and you are not privy to any details of the night until the actual event; usually gearing up nerves as bachelor and bachelorette parties have become something of an industry favorite. Events companies and party planners all over have started specializing in all things related to the perfect bachelor party and these come in handy for the lazy groomsmen who believe that they don’t actually need to do much to make a night a great one.

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The thing is, planning out a bachelor party is one task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your friends have your final single night in their hands and there’s a lot that needs to be organised. These are the men who will have been your friends the longest and know you the best, so always reserve the thank you gifts for after the bachelor party experience. The thought that goes into that thank you gift will echo the type of bachelor party they’ve thrown for you. So, make sure you reserve those custom Bobbleheads that you have made for each of them as the way to thank them for the best experience you’ve ever had! With the advice below, you can give your groomsmen the best hints they will need to arrange the best bachelor party you will ever have.

The 5 W’s:

With a bachelor party, you need to know who is coming, where you’re going, when you’re going and how you’re going to get there. You also need to have your why at the constant forefront of your mind – your groom. What would he enjoy?

Being organized early is key so don’t reserve the actual event for the night before the wedding; that’s a huge no-no if you expect the bride to ever let you set foot in her house again. Always reserve the stag night for the month before the wedding so that there’s no wedding hangover.

You can make the bachelor party as big or as intimate as you like, but try not to invite every person that the groom has ever met to this night – it won’t work in terms of organization. His best friends, brothers, dad and the brothers and father of the bride are the people to ask.

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The first thing you should do before you actually plan is ASK the groom what he would like. The night is for him, after all, and while he cannot choose what he would like to do for his stag night, you can give him three options of things to do. This way, you retain the ultimate control while giving him the false option that he actually will be the one making the decisions. If you are planning to head abroad, make sure he has a passport! You also have to make sure that the date you choose will work for the groom.

Home VS Away:

If your bachelor wants to head abroad, make him aware that this could cut down the numbers. Broke people and those with kids tend not to make a weekend away while also making provisions to attend the actual wedding. Give him an option of a local town to drive to rather than fly to, and if it’s warm and full of bars then you’re onto a winner. Not every spectacular bachelor party has to end in Las Vegas, and if you are all a little shy on the money front, you could always create a fake Vegas experience. Stump up for a couple of hotel rooms and bring poker, roulette and card games to create your own casino night. A few hours in a bar with great beer and snacks, then onto dinner always works for the first night of a bachelor weekend. The next night is the one that has the bar crawl, the eventual strippers and the fast food buy-in at 2am! Inviting the father of the bride and her brothers to the first night will let them feel included without seeing the night that gets a little messier.

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The Result:

You want a night where the bachelor has a great time and everyone gels together nicely. It doesn’t have to be a night that ends in forgetting what happened because you’re all so out of it, but it does have to be one you talk about for years to come. Plan carefully and you can’t make any mistakes!



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