What Can You Buy With $25 At Rite Aid? Tell Me and Enter To Win! THREE WINNERS!


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So, you got a $25 gift card and a few spare minutes to shop in Rite Aid…. what do you do? What do you buy? Do you buy new makeup? Or do you buy a bottle of perfume? Maybe some photo cards? Rite Aid wants to know!

Me? With 25 bucks I can buy a lot of makeup, shiny new makeup. I actually took my gift card and purchased a ton of makeup and nail stuff from the beauty clearance sale.  There was so much Revlon and Sally Hansen I couldn’t resist.

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Glitter.Gloss.Garbage and Rite Aid has teamed up to find out what’s on your wish list.  We are giving away not one, not two, but three gift cards! You have three choices to enter, but commenting is mandatory (and not that hard to do) because I wanna know what would you pick up for yourself or a loved on with $25?

Giveaway is US only and starts now and ends 12/16/13 ! And yes, you should get these before Christmas!

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44 thoughts on “What Can You Buy With $25 At Rite Aid? Tell Me and Enter To Win! THREE WINNERS!

  1. courtney

    Makeup!! Of course


  2. Heather ツ

    Makeup and perfume or scented candles/wax 🙂


  3. Ashleigh

    Lip balms & picture frames!


  4. Nadya

    I would get a nice perfume for my mom and a body wash set for my sister. For myself, I would get some nail polish and a good bb cream 🙂


  5. evalys

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  6. Brandi H

    Nail polish and makeup


  7. kelly

    The best gift is a Kalorik 8 Cup Coffee Maker for $12.99 on their site.


  8. Esther Joseph

    That’s easy! Nail polish!!! In need of some more fall/winter colors.


  9. AmandaSakovitz

    a bottle of perfume!


  10. mami2jcn

    Mascara is a great gift!


  11. Jabreel walker

    With $25 bucks I would buy nail polish and lipstick!


  12. Angela Garza

    I would get a few Fergie polishes, a new foundation and some mascara. I’d always check the clearance section first, they have great stuffnin there.


  13. MelodyJ

    Essie Nail Polish


  14. latanya t

    a perfume set


  15. Danielle

    I would buy C. Booth body scrub, some JulieG polish, and some Rite Aid brand makeup brushes.


  16. cezovski

    I would get my Mother some of paperback books she wants
    Rafflecopter: Carolsue


  17. DanaC

    I would by some Maybelline whipped foundation and some eye shadow.


  18. Tamia

    Essie nail polish, tea tree oil, tressemme naturals conditioner, blackest black maybelline mascara


  19. Ms Alise

    I’m in desperate need of some true match concealer, I am about to ready to crack the botttle to get to the rest of the jar. Neutrogena body oil I absolutely swear by that stuff, i use it right out the shower or I mix it with my favorite lotion give me a nice smooth finish. Maybelline mascara, don’t do false eyes i let my natural one flourish and mentos I pop them things all the time!


  20. Nia Sledge



  21. Kay

    Nail polish and Lashblast


  22. Kirsty

    I would buy nail polish, blush and eye liner!!


  23. sunnyDEE01

    I would use the gift card to start my own makeup kit. I’m a novice to this makeup life but I am excited to try and learn! I recently volunteered for some local makeup artists and thoroughly enjoyed getting my face “beat”…new lingo I learned!!


  24. Kimmie

    The best gift to give would be makeup. Hands down. There are a few quality drugstore brands, so it’s easier to experiment with those than shelling out $$$ for higher end (which you may not even like). If I RECEIVED the gift card? Yea, I’m still buying makeup lol. Bc I am an addict!


  25. Tiffany Monique

    I would probably buy sone nearly naked foundation and setting powder because I need to re-up!


  26. Shevy

    Lipstick, lipstick, lipstick!


  27. Mean Queen Okerlund

    Nail polish! I’m an addict. Lol


  28. sweetnfat

    Oh, the nail polish and nail care tools I could purchase. I’d also stock up on Aveeno lotion. ‘Cause I love that junk. Good luck everyone!


  29. Hasani

    Oooh this would be awesome to win! Good luck everyone!


  30. highquality08

    Diapers for James and lippies for me! I need the new Revlon lip colors in my life especially that purple.


  31. Mathew Katz



  32. Anna

    nail polish 🙂


  33. Samantha LaChance

    makeup is a great gift! add in some lindt chocolates if the recipient has a sweet tooth.


  34. Melissa Cushing

    They have tons of great things that you can put together for $25!!! Depends on who your shopping for. You can buy a ton of holiday candy and make little goodie bags, you can buy an assortment of nail products for a great stocking stuffer idea…. so many fabulous things!!!! Thanks so much for a cool giveaway!


  35. Samantha Port

    I’d definitely buy a ton of nail polish! Can’t ever have enough 😉


  36. Claire

    I would buy nail polish, blush and eye liner!!


  37. dianeredcay

    this the end of yr sale going on I would say lots of makeup


  38. DotMarie1

    Nail polish is a great choice!


  39. Marie

    I would make a basket filled with everyday needs! shavers, shaving gel, body wash, body lotion, deodorant and lip gloss!


  40. Deborah Gardner

    I would buy nail polish!


  41. Lynda Tsay

    nail polish and lip balms


  42. Tamitha

    Julie G Nail polish collection 🙂 Frosted gumdrops!!


  43. MsK

    I am just starting to love lipsticks so that’s where I would spend the giftcard at RiteAid.


  44. Thomas Murphy

    I could get my GF perfume

    rounder9834 @yahoo.com


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