Can Good Health Make You Appear More Beautiful?



There have been more and more studies conducted recently into what makes someone look more (or less) attractive. Some of the results have been surprising, whereas others confirmed what we thought anyway. Some of the most interesting of these experiments have concluded that your health has a lot to do with how attractive you might appear. Of course, those that are deemed most beautiful to us are often the ones we describe as looking healthy too. So what can affect your appearance?




Recent studies found that we look more attractive to strangers if we’ve slept well. The experiments took two photos of the same person. This poor individual had reduced, or zero sleep in one photo but enjoyed a good night of pleasant dreams in the other. Some described the tired photo as looking older, unwell, and unhappy. We all know how important sleep is to our health. It seems beauty sleep is important for our looks too.


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Most of us know that a healthy diet is rich in fruits and vegetables. Scientists recognize naturally occurring compounds in these foods help with healthy cell regeneration and healing. These effects work for skin cells all over the body. It seems good food can help us enjoy healthy looking skin too. Think about how many fruits and other natural ingredients we find in face masks and lotions? It seems we really can be healthy on the outside as well as the inside.




Have you ever looked in the mirror when you’re coming down with a cold and though ‘yuck?’ It’s true we don’t look our best when we’re run down or ill. But if you have a long term illness or disease, this too can show up on your face. Anemia makes you pale and can leave dark rings under the eyes. Kidney and liver problems can change the color of your skin too, and leave unsightly marks on your face. Take care of your health to avoid these illnesses. Check out companies like Health Insurance Innovations to see if a new plan can better provide for you should you fall ill.




Do you ever have puffy eyes in the morning? Sometimes this can be caused by fluid pooling in these areas. It likely goes as soon as you’ve got up, walked around and had your shower. You can reduce puffiness like this by exercising regularly. Vigorous exercise also makes you sweat. This is one of the best ways to detox the body and clear out your pores. Of course, a steam session in a sauna could have the same effect, leaving your skin soft, clear, and beautiful.




When we’re stressed, we tend to frown. When we’re in pain, we tend to grimace. None of these things looks good! De-stress and relax regularly. Enjoy a good massage and wind down every day. It can help to improve your mood as well as your general health. Happiness makes us smile, and there isn’t much that’s more beautiful than that.


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