Can One Person Make A Difference?

One day my little one will grow up, and I know I’ll tell them that they can change the world if they try hard enough. That, if they are determined and passionate enough they can alter the course of the path, they can break the wheel, and they really can make a difference. But is that true? Can one person really change everything, for the better? I believe so, and there are a number of ways that you can bring massive changes to this world.


Through Writing

We bloggers don’t always write simply to deal with our own emotions. Nor, do we always see our blogs as simply a source of income. It can be so much more than that. Writing and sharing your feeling or thoughts with the world really can change things. One person’s voice can start an entire campaign that will rock the foundations of society. Or, if you don’t believe that the impact can be this great, you could still reach a single person. Maybe they are struggling with the same issue that you have been through and your words reached them. Perhaps, you just made sure that they no longer felt alone and helped them realise that they could interact with someone that has been there before.

You might think that reaching one person won’t change the world. But if the butterfly effect teaches us anything it’s that a single choice completely alters everything. So, you better believe that if you’ve changed one person’s life, then you have certainly made a difference.

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Perhaps you just donate to charity. Maybe you don’t have a lot of money to give, and you can’t afford to spend a fortune like some of the celebrities. But that doesn’t make your donation any less significant. That doesn’t mean that your help hasn’t changed the world. You might have donated to a charity that helps feed starving children. Your donation could mean that one or several more kids get fed and in doing so, you have actually helped save lives. You’ll never know that for sure just like you may never know that your writing helped turn someone’s life around. But the likelihood is that it did, and that’s why it’s true what they say. Every little thing you do or give can help. You can learn more about how your charitable donations are used here:

Spending Your Time

Even if you don’t donate yourself, you could raise money for a cause or an event. To start something like this, you’ll need a donation letter that you can download here from: Once you have that, you’ll be able to raise money for any project or event that you want, and you bet that’s going to change things. You could help ensure kids have a place to go after school or maybe that a town hall stays open. It sounds like a small change but these little things are going to impact people’s lives for years, and it will have been the action that you took that made that possible.

So yes, without doubt, hesitation or a moment’s second though I can tell you that one person can make a difference. We can shape the world by our thoughts, our actions and the choices we make. And one day I’ll be able to smile and tell my child that he too can change the world.

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