Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus Collection + Giveaway!

carmex moisture plus

Carmex has totally outdone themselves this time! Everything that you know and love about Carmex has been packaged into some fun and fashionable tubes that match your personality (you have four to choose from: Fab, Adventurous, Chic, and Whimsical)

carmex chic

The chic personality is inspired by Audrey. She’s modern, classic, sophisticated, and elegant.

carmex whimsical

The whimsical personality is inspired by Skye. She’s free spirited, natural and comfortable.

carmex adventurous

The adventurous personality is inspired by Peggy. She’s wild, up for anything, and fearless.

carmex fab

The fab personality is inspired by Edie. She’s polished and loves anything new and of the moment.

If you want to know which personality you are, take the quiz at

Carmex Moisture Plus is one of my go to balms, especially in the winter when the air is so cold and dry. I love the new tubes with the different designs. My personal favorite is the adventurous tube, but when I took the quiz, I got whimsical as my personality, and while it was true, I hate the packaging on that particular tube.

Nothing has changed about the formula of the Carmex Moisture Plus. They are still colorless with a semi matte shine, they still have that classic Carmex scent, and most importantly, they still hydrate the lips. Carmex Moisture Plus retails for $2.99 each. You can find these in just about every drugstore imaginable.

Now that you have checked out what I think about the new tubes, how about you win all four for yourself! Check the rafflecopter below to enter to win all 4 of the new Limited Edition Tubes. This giveaway is US only.

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27 thoughts on “Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus Collection + Giveaway!

  1. MakeupnQpons



  2. Siovhan

    I have a chic personality. I think that was very fitting lol. Also I love your blog and your twitter. Keep it up love.


  3. Ivette M.

    I’m Adventurous


  4. Pamela Renee

    I’m chic! Very fitting.


  5. courtney

    I’m chic. I love a classic lip and so simple!


  6. Taye Nicole

    I took the quiz and my style is “chic.” Totally fits because I’m in love with houndstooth this season!


  7. Heather ツ

    My style was: Fab ~ I’m a fearless fashionista who’ll try any trend once.


  8. ohericacool

    My style is Chic


  9. Nashbelle

    My style is chic which is perfect for me since I have so many houndstooth prints it’s ridiculous.


  10. Ashley

    Chic! sorta fits but not quite. im more eclectic but my default is classic.


  11. Mahdi Martin

    My style is adventurous! I guess that means leopard print should be my favorite! Wait…it is my favorite.


  12. Brandi H

    My style is chic


  13. Joanna

    My style is Chic!


  14. Alexis Knapp

    My result was Chic


  15. Abbie

    my style is Adventurous ♥


  16. Lydia328

    I’m whimsical 🙂 I’m not surprised.


  17. Justine

    My style is chic.


  18. LaToya Sheppard

    My style is chic.


  19. Sherry B.

    Adventurous! Suits me!


  20. June Lisle

    Whimsical is the quiz results for me


  21. Stephanie Kiggins


    You’re a natural beauty with an easy, low-key look.


  22. Easy2Save Blog

    Your Style Is: Whimsical
    You’re a natural beauty with an easy, low-key look.


  23. A. Beniot

    I’m Fab which is my favorite!


  24. tara pittman

    the adventurous personality is me all the way. I love leopard.


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