Hot Right Now: Cat Eye Sunglasses


Get like Rihanna and make a statement this summer! What’s hot right now? Cat Eye Sunglasses. They are flirty, trendy, and oh so flattering. Pair up this look with a red lip, or nude like Rihanna. Check out some of the hottest cat eye frames from Red Hot Sunglasses:


MIU MIU Metal Mix Cateye Red Glitter Sunglasses £175.00

These 55mm gold lenses are classic! The frame is red glitter and they provide total UV protection. Pair this bold frame up with a nude lipstick like MAC Freckletone.


Persol Peaked Cateye Sunglasses Horn Striped Brown £170.00

These frames are earthy and au naturel! The lens is a 53mm crystal brown gradient color with a striped brown frame. Pair this up with a bold red lipstick like MAC Riri Woo!


Stella McCartney Cateye Black Sunglasses £185.00

Play it safe and sound with the classic black frame. These black frames house a 58mm grey lens. They also provide total UV protection (no burning those big brown eyes!). Don’t be the typical catty girl and wear a wear red lip with this, no way! Opt for something bold and orange like Milani Orange Gina. Now that will turn a head or two!

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