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If you are still searching for that perfect gift, consider Audible’s yearly subscription. I’ve always been a big fan of audible books because of the low lighting in my bedroom paired with my poor vision. Audible is an Audiobook service with over 150,000 titles and features instant downloads and free listening samples. Audio books are a great way of helping people expand their reading list and help them tackle literature they may have previously taken too much time and patience to tackle. Here’s three reasons why you should think about an Audible subscription.

Audible kids

Audible is great for children during the holidays

Chose from hundred’s of titles for children to keep them learning during long trips over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house!


audible self help

Audible will help you tackle your New Year’s resolutions

Make and keep your resolutions by checking out a few good self-help books from Audible. They have books for everything from deep meditation to money management to tapping into the deeper powers of your mind.


audible adult

Audible is great for traveling year round

Stay in the know by reading the hottest thrillers and fiction books. There’s something out there for everyone.


The Audible.com yearlong subscription works one of two ways: Get your first book free, then $14.95 for one book per month or 2 books a month for $22.95. Audible also has a Gold Offer where you can save 50% off the first three months for only $7.49 with Audible coupon codes.

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