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Cashmere is no doubt a designer favorite because of its luxurious feel. The comfortable softness of the material not only gives its wearer much relaxing sensations but also contributes to a classical and elegant look for women everywhere. Timeless style is what cashmere brings to mind, which is why women just can’t get enough of it.

The great thing about cashmere is it’s light enough to be worn in all kinds of weather but can also keep you warm throughout the winter blues. Cashmere may be a tad pricey than other fashion luxuries, but its quality is definitely worth the splurge. Check out these everyday fashion suggestions for cashmere lovers everywhere.

The Classic Turtleneck

Want to channel your inner style goddess? Add an ultra-chic cashmere turtleneck piece into your wardrobe and look absolutely stylish, just like Audrey Hepburn in her classic black turtleneck. Choose colors such as winter white or black to make it easy to pair with anything, such as print trousers or denim. This is definitely one must-have item you must not miss out on for a timeless wardrobe.

Preppy Cabled V-neck

This piece is another classic addition that is highly reminiscent of well-heeled beauties. The cabled V-neck piece is something which you can easily pair with a tight-fitting Tee or a collared shirt or as a standalone for that classically feminine look. You can choose to pair it with a chic skirt for a casual day out or with a pencil skirt or pants for a business-like look.

Traditional Twinset

Not exactly mainstream yet stylishly valuable as well, the conservative twinset consists of a cardigan and a jumper or pullover that is usually short-sleeved. This piece is reminiscent of career women in the 50s yet can also be translated to modern female power as well. The great thing about this fashion preppy staple is that you can always choose to wear the cardigan or the shell on its own with other layers or wear the entire ensemble together.

Make your own style blend

Whatever cashmere piece you may consider to be your go-to staple, you can expect to enjoy the soft feeling that this type of material brings. Make sure that your cashmere piece is genuine and is made of at least a two-ply makeup for a strong fit that will last longer. Cashmere is an all-round season best seller and is popular with women everywhere, so you’re definitely not alone in gushing over it and its chic quality.

With cashmere’s continuing popularity, there is now a wide range of clothing that features it as the material, including dresses, skirts and socks, so you have plenty to choose from. Discover what style pieces you love and develop your own cashmere fashion blend.

Cashmere is a wonderful investment for women across all ages who want to have comfort in addition to great quality. It may be more expensive than many other items in the fashion world, but it is definitely worth the price. Women just can’t resist the wonderful feel that cashmere gives them, so make sure you have your wardrobe staples with you and get ready for cozy, stylish fashion that lets you look absolutely elegant.

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