Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies

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As we open more and more days on our advent calendars, it is likely that you are bang in the midst of completing your Christmas shopping. While some people may be a breeze to buy for, others can be a challenge. There are only so many boxes of chocolate and Christmas hampers you can buy after all. However, if you are purchasing for a foodie, you already know the way to their heart. You simply need to find a food-based gift that’s going to impress them. Here are some suggestions:

  • A unique recipe book – If your loved one likes to read, combine two of their favorite hobbies with a recipe book. There are many Christmas themed books, which will contain delicious recipes for the festive season. Alternatively, opt for a specialist book, rather than a general one, i.e. a book filled with cheesecake recipes or alcohol-based desserts. Something unusual is better for a person who is likely to already have a bookcase filled with recipe books.
  • Vintage food posters – Buy your loved one something to adorn the home with such as a vintage food poster. If you take a look online, you are bound to see wall art, which is based on old food adverts and such like. This is an unusual gift, which shows you have put a lot of thought into what you are buying.
  • Start off a subscription – Food and drink-based subscriptions are becoming very popular with foodies. If you know that your friend or family member likes a specific type of food or drink, see if there is a subscription-based service. You could start them off with a month or two’s membership, and they can then continue it themselves if they wish to do so. The Craft Gin Club is a prime example of this type of service. Every month, members get to sample different types of gin, with a few little goodies thrown in as well.
  • A stylish knife set – You can never have too many knives. After all, it seems that there is a specialist knife for every type of food. Here’s a great start if you don’t know what type of knife set to purchase for your foodie friend or loved one. If you’re worried that the recipient will have something similar, don’t be, as it’s not uncommon for knives to get dull and difficult to use after time, so they’re bound to be happy to replace their existing set.
  • Unusual kitchen appliances – Your loved one probably has a mixer and blender, but do they have a fondue set? What about a waffle or ice cream maker? Again, make sure you choose something that appeals to their taste buds! Next time you go out for dinner, keep a watchful eye on what they order.

So there you have it: some great suggestions if you are purchasing a gift for a foodie! The key is to find something that is going to be useful, yet not too obvious – after all, it’s likely that they already have a cheeseboard or that someone else has purchased them some fancy chocolates.  


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