Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Man

Christmas is quickly approaching, and we know how hard it can be to find the right Christmas present for that special guy. As long as it’s heartfelt and plays to his interests, your gift will be a hit. Whether he’s a sports fanatic, a beer maven, or a tech lover, you’re sure to find something on this list that will blow his mind.

An Ideal Subscription

Give your man a gift that keeps on giving. Whatever he’s interested in, there’s sure to be a subscription out there that he will dig. If he’s a guy who knows his wines, set him up with a subscription to a monthly wine delivery, or help him take care of his grooming needs with BirchBox for men. If he’s looking for a clean shave, sign him up for a monthly razor club that will send sharp razors straight to his door—no more dull blades or last-minute runs to the convenience store. We’re not kidding when we say there’s a subscription service for every hobby and interest; for example, if your guy knows all the fashion trends, you can shock him with a subscription to a luxury sock delivery.

For the Tech Guy

If you’re dating or married to a guy who loves all-things high-tech, then a gadget gift will definitely fit the bill this December. A pair of Bose headphones is a good idea for the man who loves listening to his favorite artists on the go, an Apple Watch will keep him on the cutting edge of technology (a definite splurge), and a waterproof case for his beloved iPhone will keep his most prized possession safe.

Trip to the Tattoo Parlor

Has your guy been raring to get his first tattoo? Perhaps he’s looking to add another to his already immense collection of skin art. Whatever the case, you’ll blow his mind this Christmas with a gift certificate to a tattoo parlor. You can accompany him on the big day and help him decide on a design.

DIY Beer Kit

If your guy is a craft beer connoisseur, let him take his passion to the next level and create his very own brewery in the comfort of his kitchen. With a DIY beer kit, your guy will be the master of his own hops. He can create his own IPA masterpiece, or craft a pale ale to sip the day away.

Modern Men

If your boyfriend or hubby is obsessed with all modern gadgets and usually knows about the latest trends before you do, you’ll be set with an easy website offering a variety of up-to-date products including fashion, practical accessories, and office decor. Find the perfect modern gifts for your man in one easy place, and get them sent straight to your home for the easiest shopping experience you’ll ever have.

Sporting Event

If your guy has a team he’s dying to see live, and he tends to take over control of the remote on any day there’s a game on, buying him tickets to a sporting event is a sure bet. Whether you go with him or offer the spare ticket to one of his good buddies, he’ll be over the moon and make a memory that will last him a lifetime. Whether the game is in two weeks or three months, tickets are the perfect present to unwrap on Christmas morning—plus the anticipation for the game to come will be one of the best parts.

His Favorite Meal

Treat him to a night of all of his favorite foods. Call his mom for a favorite childhood recipe he’s always talked about, order in from that fancy restaurant you can only go to on special occasions, and treat him to the dinner of his life. We all know the old adage: the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so test that theory and make a meal he’ll never see coming. This is the night to go all out, so pull out all the stops and make dessert one to remember.

Photos He’ll Treasure

If you’re feeling a little rambunctious this Christmas, impress him with some tasteful boudoir photography backdrop shots. Head to a local photographer, or if you’re on a budget, ask a trusted girlfriend with a great camera to do the honors. The photos can be as scandalous or as tame as you like, but one thing is guaranteed—his jaw will drop when he sees them.

It’s time to start shopping for Christmas gifts, and with this cache of excellent ideas finding the right one for your man will be easier than ever.

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