I Went To Sephora With My Scent Certificate And I Picked…..


It’s the moment none of you have been waiting for! So last week I took my fragrance certificate to Sephora and made my final decision. Here’s a recap of the fragrances that I wanted:

Tocca Cleopatra- In stock but they had a really cute gift tin for $68 with little spray bottles of all the Tocca fragrances. I really want that set for Christmas. But that means having the same fragrance twice.

Lady Million- Not in stock at my Sephora

Clean Skin- huge bottle, in stock


It’s only natural that I picked Clean Skin! I got the 2.5oz bottle that retails for $69. That’s a steal considering I paid $50 for the set.

Clean Skin is a fragrance that just reminds you of bare skin. It’s sensual, floral, woody and musky. Best part? It’s a scent that you can wear everyday. I’m happy with the choice I made!

Remember the Sephora Fragrance Sampler retails for $50. You get 11 fragrance sample vials, and one voucher for a free full sized bottle of any of the samples you tried. This is a really fun way to discover a new fragrance. Check out more information on Sephora.com. PLUS there’s three new sets so hurry before everyone buys them all for Christmas!!!


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