The Best Anti-Feathering Clear Lip Liners

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I am trying to get back into the habit of wearing lipstick again. I took a bit of a hiatus and I’ll admit, it’s been great, but lipstick is my first love, and we ain’t breaking up anytime soon.

When I started blogging, the range of lipsticks on the market was very zzzz- a wide assortment of pinks and nudes with a few sprinkles of red and orange. Around 2011, Keyshia Ka’ior launched a line of unconventional lip colors and a problem (a good problem) was born- what do you do when you find the blue lipstick of your dreams, but it feathers? How do you find a lip liner for blue lipstick? Or green? or neon pink? The choice is clear (pun totally intended)- you want a clear lip liner.

Here are 6 clear lip liners to keep your favorite, unique lip colors from bleeding and feathering.



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