Clearista Retexturizing Gel Review


Disclosure: Contains a press sample

Clearista is a new brand for me, but since I am a lover of all things Glossybox, and it is a featured item in May’s box, I decided to give it a test run.

I don’t have any complaints about the exfoliants I use. I just believe ‘variety is the spice of life’, and that means having more than one exfoliant in reach. Every time you turn around a product is being discontinued, and I would really hate to be left in the cold with no favorite. Enter Clearista.

Clearista is an exfoliator specifically designed to combat the excess keratin we accumulate on our face. As we get older, that keratin buildup causes seborrheic keratosis and keratosis pilaris (I suffer from this), two common keratotic blemishes. Clearista targets that excess keratin and hydrates the skin’s surface.

I have always had a profound hate for my keratosis aka chicken skin. It is prominent in the area I cherish the most, my upper lip. My lips are seen a lot on the internet and my chicken skin takes center stage. Of all the exfoliation products I’ve used, none have had the power to rid me of chicken skin forever, so Clearista rendered me curious.


Clearista has jojoba esters which are small jojoba beads that exfoliate the skin. This helps to break up with keratin buildup all on its own. As a bonus, jojoba is an emollient that is similar to the oils that our skin produces, giving the skin maximum moisture. The jojoba beads and densely packed into the tube, so you get a fair amount with every squeeze.

Clearista is gentle but works well over time to exfoliate the skin without the aid of AHA’s or BHA’s, which is great if you have sensitive skin. Clearista retails $79.99 for a 45 day supply. Order from

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