Deluxe Review: Clinique Pep-Start Hydroblur Moisturizer

I’ll admit, I have not tried a moisturizer from Clinique since 2004. I was a newly married woman with ashy elbows and my husband was fed up. Instead of simply stopping by a drugstore and getting some vaseline, he went to the mall (it was probably a cover for buying shoes, but whatever) and picked up the biggest bottle of Dramatically Different Moisturing Lotion that money could buy.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered Clinique released a line of skincare products with more youthful packaging- Pep Start. I got a deluxe sample in my Play! By Sephora February 2017, and decided to give it a test run.

Primer/moisturizer hybrids (that’s what I call them) are nothing new to me. There was Miracle Skin Transformer, L’Oreal Miracle Blur, Rite Aid had a generic one that worked as well as the L’Oreal one and of course Murad Invisiblur, the Rolls Royce of primer/moisturizer hybrids (IMO).

Clinique Pep Start Hydroblur Moisturizer is described as a lightweight, oil free moisturizer-meets-primer that blurs imperfections and provides all day hydration with a silky finish. Hydroblur dispenses like a cream. It’s milky white in color and has the texture of a thick cream. I felt this instant burst of moisture the moment I rubbed it in, very cooling and hydrating. It does not have the typical finish that comes with primer/moisturizer hybrids. It felt like nothing was on my skin at all. That was until I noticed that the blurring effect didn’t last long (2 hours). If you are in it for the blur, you will have to apply multiple times, and that’s when you will run into this weird film on your skin. Sure you can cleanse it off, but it is very uncomfortable on the skin.

Does it slay my fave? Of course not.

Would I purchase full sized? Nah.

Should you purchase? Nah.

What are Deluxe Reviews? Deluxe Reviews is a concept created by me, to give a deluxe review of deluxe-sized samples accumulated from beauty boxes, random samples received via mail and friends. It’s the easiest way for a poor beauty junkie (i.e., me) to try new things without breaking the bank.

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