Closer By Halle Berry Fragrance Review


Closer By Halle Berry is one of my fall favorite fragrances! It’s the perfect marriage of woodsy and masculine, and floral and feminine.

Top notes include raspberry and water-lily.


Middle notes include violet, cedar and fern (weird huh).

Bottom notes include cashmere woods, musk and vanilla.

I do not agree with the notion that it’s unisex. Despite all the woodsy notes and the musky dry down, it’s still a very feminine fragrance. It’s very strong, so beware when spraying. It’s also a very long-lasting fragrance. I can safely wear this for 6-8 hours tops and I was coming home after a long day of work and still smelled fantastic.

This fragrance is cheapest at Wal-mart if you are close to one. They had a gift set for $14. You can also check Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid. This is a great fragrance under 30 bucks.



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