Discuss It! Should We Be Ingesting Collagen For Perfect Skin?


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Long before today, we were told that what we eat and drink matters just as much, if not more than what we put on our skin for healthy skin. We were told to drink lots of water, avoid sugar and carbs and consume a balanced diet of proteins, fruits and vegetables. There is one critical protein that we are missing in our diet, and we are slathering it on our face. This protein is collagen.

Keep reading to find out more about collagen, how much collagen we get in our daily diet, and if ingesting collagen is the key to perfect skin.

What is collagen?

Collagen is the main structural protein in various connective tissues in our body, accounting for 20%-35% of the whole-body protein content. Collagen is mostly found in the tendons, ligaments, and skin. It forms 70% of the protein in your skin’s “dermis” layer. The less collagen you have, the more wrinkles you’ll have. It’s the reason we apply retinol to our skin, in hopes of boosting collagen production and combating wrinkles.

Is ingesting collagen the way?

Skeptics claim that ingesting collagen is fruitless, however, National Institutes of Health conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial that found promising results. Skin elasticity improved and wrinkles were reduced by 20% after 8 weeks of ingesting a collagen supplement. Another study conducted by the Department of Vetenary Anatomy found that orally ingesting hydrolyzed collagen increases the density of collagen in the skin. The sources that state ingesting collagen is an efficient way to deliver collagen to the skin are countless. The benefits dont stop there. Ingesting collagen is also shown to improve bone density and reduce joint pain.

Meet Collagen Complete

collagen complete

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